Community Care Collaborative selected Bridge Patient Portal for patient centered engagement, Spanish translation and responsive mobile design. To learn more about Bridge Patient Portal and this interesting collaboration, we thought of interviewing John Deutsch, the CEO of Bridge Patient Portal.

Can you tell us more about Bridge Patient  Portal?

Bridge Patient Portal is an enterprise portal for healthcare organizations seeking to replace their EHR’s portal or connect disparate EHR environments with a single, EHR-agnostic platform.

Why did the Community Care Collaborative (CCC) select you as its singular portal solution?

CCC was challenged with a disparate EHR environment, seeking to connect their multiple EHRs to a single patient portal. CCC also has a large Spanish-speaking patient population and Bridge Portal is a multi-lingual solution.

What does such selection mean to you?

CCC is a great example of the future of healthcare. Multiple organizations collaborating together to provide a single point of care. Demonstrating success in this type of environment paves the way for future, similar implementations.

CommUnityCare has completed the Bridge Patient Portal implementation. How could that benefit the community/patients?

Unnecessary utilization and admissions can be reduced and efficiency can be improved.

What challenges did you face in implementing Bridge Patient Portal with CommUnityCare?

Normalizing and aggregating the multiple data feeds was our biggest challenge.

Where do you see the enterprise patient portal industry in the coming 5-years?

We believe that patient portals will grow in importance and that collaboration between the patient and provider is critically important to reducing healthcare costs.

What recommendations would you like to give to those willing to enter this industry?

Patient portals are very complex solutions, now rivaling systems such as EHRs and RCM solutions. What was once a simple solution to share medical records from a single EHR, along with some additional functionality has ballooned into a much more complicated solution, paving the way for telemedicine, care coordination, remote patient monitoring, etc.

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Bridge Patient Portal is the leading patient portal technology for practices, hospitals and telemedicine businesses. The Bridge Patient Portal platform is ideal for organizations seeking to replace their existing EHR portals or connect to disparate EHR environments with a single, EHR-agnostic patient portal platform. Bridge Patient Portal has installations in more than 50 physician practices, hospitals and health systems nationwide. Bridge offers a coordinated, online patient communication platform and provides expert assistance to help you navigate your Health IT landscape, build better patient-provider relationships and achieve Meaningful Use.

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