There seems to be an app for everything these days and different industries are scrambling to make software applications a part of their own business processes. The healthcare industry is no exception. In addition to bringing patients and doctors closer, medical apps give caregivers an easier way to gain insights into the health of their charges.

Of course, when it comes to patient care not all health apps make the cut. The applications mentioned below not only save patients time and money, they are also making waves in the medical industry –

1 – Healint

Analysing symptoms as they occur can help doctors diagnose medical conditions and prescribe appropriate treatment plans faster. This is why the Healint app deserves a place on this list. Founded by a Singapore based health startup of the same name, the app focuses on patients who suffer from neurological issues like epilepsy and migraines. According to the website Healint revolutionizes healthcare “by allowing doctors and health stakeholders to take advantage of mobile devices, sensors, machine learning and big data for the management of chronic diseases.”

Basically, the application allows patients to monitor their symptoms at home, take precautionary measures and even send reports to concerned physicians in real time.

2 – HCHC Healthy Living App

The HCHC Healthy Living Mobile app is “designed to allow users to manage and track all aspects of health, wellness and medical care.” In other words, it is an app that helps patients keep track of aspects like prescriptions, treatments, appointments, blood pressure and blood sugar to name a few. It also lets patients stay in touch with the medical team that are assigned for their care and makes recommendations for activities that can improve their health.

What makes this app so revolutionary is that it was built for patients and caregivers of Henry County Health Center exclusively. It won bronze at the WebHealth Awards in 2013 and silver at the w3 awards in 2014.  

3 – Glow

Pregnancy is a defining moment. So a woman hoping for one, keeping track of symptoms as they occur is a natural course of action. There are many ovulation and period tracking applications on the App Store and Play Store designed to help women get pregnant faster. But the Glow app deserves special mention.

Developed by the Paypal founder, Glow is a data driven tracker designed to give users more control over reproduction. In addition to recording factors like period cycles, symptoms, moods and sexual activity, the application also assists women who are going through related treatments like IVF. It is pretty easy to use and also gives users tips and advice about their reproductive health. What makes this app so revolutionary? Last year, the tracker allowed both users and their partners to track their reproductive health. In all, Glow is a great app for couples trying for pregnancies.

4 – Propeller

Asthma patients have it tough. They never know when an attack can prove fatal. The best way to treat attacks is to treat the symptoms as they happen – which usually involves a harried trip to the emergency room and doctor’s fees.

The Propeller app aims to reduce cases of asthma by helping users “gain real insights into their triggers. What makes this application revolutionary is that it combines monitoring software and IoT technology to help patients gain better insights about their condition. Formerly known as Asthmapolis, the application works with the help of a sensor that can be fitted onto most inhalers and “reduces the hassle of managing asthma or COPD.” Basically, the app helps users understand their symptoms so that they can stay informed and make smarter decisions about their health.

5 – FirstOpinion

People know what impersonal doctors and patient interactions are. Diagnoses are usually restricted to appointments and some patients have to wait weeks to get theirs. The FirstOpinion app aims to fix this problem by providing users a chance to connect with clinicians registered on it 24/7. It matches your condition and the state you live in with appropriate First Opinion medical professionals. If treatment is required, your doctor can offer extended services for a price.

Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it spares sick patients from going to appointments in their condition just to get diagnosed and get a doctor’s prescription for tests. Clinician prescribed medications can be sent to a user’s local pharmacy. Prescriptions for medical tests like blood work can be sent to nearby labs or facilities. Users can also use the application to video chat with doctors.

Wrap Up

While these apps are considered revolutionary in their respective fields, they are not meant as substitutes for the expertise of actual medical professionals. They allow people to be better informed about their medical conditions and in some cases, contact their doctors if their ailments prevent them from going to appointments. Nevertheless, they do bring patients and doctors a lot closer than before.

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