“Where should I start from?” So, you are planning for medical travel online and finally stuck in the most confusing question – where to begin! In the process, your next query will follow with – “What should I carry?” isn’t that? Well, travelling to a foreign country, that too when you are going for medical treatment needs some arrangement back home. While there are some basic preparation guidelines, certain factors are country specific that you must keep in mind for a safe and successful trip.

Don’t get confused! Let’s move stepwise.

1. First – Do a thorough research

The very first step is to gather knowledge on whatever you are getting associated with. Do a good research to be more confident and take the right decision. Here’s what you must look into –

  • Not all procedure is suitable for you –

If you think you must go for this treatment, are you sure you are a good candidate for it? This question arises because everyone is not eligible for every treatment procedure. So, check out the conditions of a right candidate for a particular procedure and then go ahead.

  • Know how the treatment is done –

You don’t have to be a doctor to know a treatment procedure. Thanks to the web, you can learn that quite easily now. Research on how it is conducted (an overall idea), total time required, post-treatment care, expected outcome, etc. This will help you to be both mentally and physically prepared for the process.

2. Get the right country

You have decided to travel overseas. But which country are you flying to for getting medical treatment? This is the most important job you have to do; choose the right country that offers the best medical assistance to patients. Certain factors can help you choose the appropriate country abroad –

  1. Is the hospital you are selecting, an accredited one?
  2. Who are the doctors? How much are they qualified?
  3. Are they renowned nationally or internationally?
  4. Which language are you going to communicate in?
  5. How do they treat foreigners?
  6. What is the success rate?

3. Is the package coming within your budget?

Budget and finance play an essential role in confirming your decision, don’t they? Well, one of the major reasons why patients choose to travel abroad is for availing cost-effective service. So, check out how much it is going to cost you and make financial arrangements accordingly. There are some countries like India and Thailand where you can get treated at lowest cost and best quality.  However, before visiting you will need to be aware of India and Thailand travel health so you can have a helpful trip.

4. Make sure to take all necessary documents

Documents! They should be packed before you pack your daily use stuff (i.e. pocket blanket). Far there in a foreign land, your basic stuff would be available in plenty, but you will not get your previously done X-ray report if left at home.

Some of the things usually required are –

  • All previous medical records

Whatever medical reports you have – prescriptions, X-ray plates and reports, reports from a local doctor, immunization record or other health records, all must be with you. If you are into some prescribed narcotics, get it attested by your local doctor.

  • License, ID proofs, Credit and Debit cards, travellers checks

Ensure that all these are there while you travel. Don’t carry much cash while travelling and don’t keep unnecessary cards with you. But of all the cards you bring along, keep a note of the credit limit on each of them. You’ll get a serial number and a pin number on your travellers checks in a coded language. Make sure to keep a copy of it with your friend or any family member back home.

And yes! The passport and visa need to be your all time companions.

Sounds quite a hassle?

Not at al! There are companies that offer medical tourism facilities to patients. The benefit of those facilities is that they are going to guide you through the whole process – from assessing your medical issue and choosing the right country to fixing an appointment with the most qualified surgeon and providing post-medication treatments back at home.

You just need to hire a reliable medical tourism company and fly overseas with all their support. Good Luck!

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