Most times, when the topic of domain names comes up the focus is on marketers, E-commerce business owners and other conventional IT based professions. Few people consider other industries such as educational institutions or healthcare.

Perhaps it’s because of the nature of the websites in these professions. While E-commerce websites aim to constantly persuade and convert potential buyers by the minute, websites run by professionals such as physicians are typically for announcements and advisory (relationship) purposes. As a result, people dumb down the need to include them in general domain discussions.

But a doctor’s need for website interaction is just as valid, and while the rules may deviate in some aspects, the underlying principles of SEO, site authority, brandability and so on are still applicable. As a medical doctor looking to take interaction with your patients beyond the hospital premises, an interactive website will suffice nicely.

All you need to do is conduct a domain search or think up a creative one and register with a domain name registrar. However, coming up with a domain name isn’t as easy as naming your pet. There are a number of online and business-based issues you must first consider.

  1. Choose a TLD extension (Top Level Domain)

TLD extensions are important. Unless you already own a .com TLD, and want to add others such as .org, .net, and .info for security, it is highly recommended you go for a .com first. For one, .com extensions are the most popular and easily recalled of all TLDs. People will easily remember your website if it ends in a dot com extension.

“In addition, Google search bots, are biased towards .com domains and place a higher value over them than other TLDs. This means your website is more likely to appear at the top of the search result page if it has a .com domain name.” Brendan from a service where you can Get .nz Domain Name Registration | Find & Register Domains Instantly‎ | Freeparking

  1. Choose a keyword in your profession

Whether you are a dentist or mental health expert, it is important to choose a domain name with your profession keyword in it. For example, if you specialise in cosmetic teeth whitening, your domain name could be or if you are a specialist physician in addiction cases, your website could be named

When it comes to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations, the keyword should be in the name or somewhere prominent on the website. For example, if you own a community hospital, your domain name could be or, or if you’re a medical clinic focusing on sports injuries, would be an appropriate choice.

The reason is that keyword domains help online users arrive quickly at the answers when they search. Especially if they use queries relating to your service. The results will likely list your website and increase the chances of visitors to your website.

  1. Add a local geographical area

The SEO implications for this are huge. If you add the name of your location to the end of your domain name, it not only directs internet queries in that area towards you, it provides people with an immediate idea of the location of your practice.

If your dentist practice is in Harrogate, the ensuing domain name could be This way, your potential customers know you whiten teeth and are located in Harrogate.

  1. Avoid trademark infringement

A trademark infringement is possible online, just as it is offline. You want to ensure that your domain name is unique to avoid legal conflicts. If another physician has a practice, and you register the domain name, you could be ‘stealing’ their customers who incidentally type that extra ‘s’. This is grounds for a court case which could affect your practice in the long run.

Cases involving trademark infringement of domain names are treated at an arbitration procedure under ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRRP). The policy is an effective way for trademark owners to retrieve ownership of infringing domains quite quickly and at little cost.

Your domain name can be professional and still satisfy all SEO criteria for making it visible online. As you continue to engage your visitors, a well-chosen domain name will take you a step closer to industry authority.

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