Medical tourism becomes more and more popular all over the world. Almost 8 million people travel to other countries every year to get medical care. There are good reasons for this. First of all, it is not always possible to find the necessary treatment at home. Moreover, the procedures might be less expensive abroad.

It is essential though to find out more about travel insurance and make sure it will cover at least the part of the costs. Despite all the benefits, there are always risks and it is highly important to choose a good location of the clinic.

Check the list of the countries that combine safety and good price for medical tourism below.

1. India

India is a popular place for medical tourism due to cheap but difficult and well-performed operations. It is a good choice for heart bypass and spine treatment. Here it is also possible to solve fertility, oncology and orthopedic issues. Indian health care also offers such a complicated surgery as organ transplantation. Except for an affordable price for the procedures, another advantage is that the citizens of a lot of countries do not need a visa to enter India. The fact that almost everyone speaks English also makes it attractive for tourists.

2. Turkey

Turkey is popular among tourists in general but well-equipped hospitals made it appealing also for medical tourism. Another reason to choose this country is a great number of doctors educated in Europe and America. Turkey is well-known for a good eye treatment but it also provides heart, cancer and orthopedic care for patients. Laser eye surgery is the most popular procedure among foreign patients, probably because of affordable price.

3. Malaysia

Malaysia has been a secret for a long time but recently more people started to discover her good medical facilities and developed healthcare. Hospitals in Malaysia are ready to offer in-vitro fertilization and incredible treatment for burn victims. Other than that it is possible to find general surgeries, blood work, and oncology treatment. This place is acknowledged by tourists from Asia, UK, and Australia because of the highly developed medicine and reasonable price for it.

4. Singapore

The World Health Organization named Singapore’s medicine one of the best in Asia. The fact that the official language of the country is English also attracts patients. This place is good for general medicine (cardiology, oncology) and cancer treatment. The procedures are not expensive and efficient. A lot of clinics are the partners with tour operators which makes it even easier for foreigners to get the treatment in Singapore.

5. Brazil

Brazil is famous for its cheap and widespread plastic surgery. The number of cosmetic surgeons is impressive which allows performing any kind of procedure. That is why these services became popular not only among locals but among tourists as well. If you do not know how to improve your own body anymore, the hospitals may also offer a plastic surgery for your pet. There will be no problem with a language barrier as a lot of clinics have translators.

6. Thailand

Thailand is another country that offers affordable plastic surgery but its main peculiarity is handling procedures related to gender reassignment. Medical infrastructure is well-developed. There are both private and public hospitals. The majority of doctors speak English and were educated in Europe. It means it is possible to get the same treatment as in the western world but for a lower price. Due to all of this Thailand has a good reputation in healthcare.

7. Mexico

More than million patients from US and Canada come to hospitals of Mexico every year. A lot of them are Mexicans that come home to get health treatment but there are also other tourists from Texas and California. Mexico provides great dental work that is less expensive than in the US. Weight-loss surgeries are also very popular and allow keeping some privacy while being abroad during a recovery. If you have a chance to visit some of Mexico’s spectacular mountains, you surely need some trekking poles.

In conclusion, there are a lot of places in the world that may offer the same health care procedures that Europe or the US provide, but for a much affordable price. Although all these countries have a good reputation it is still better to check the feedbacks and a location of a certain clinic before deciding to attend it.

Do not forget to pay attention to the specialty of each country. In the end, a small reminder that all these countries have wonderful views and sights that you might want to enjoy during treatment and even go out hiking if your health permits of course.

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