Staying in shape and monitoring progress used to be a real chore, but with the emergence of smartphones you really don’t need to worry about losing your pencil or running out of paper in your notebook anymore. There are literally hundreds of different applications that can help you monitor your progress with weight loss, nutrition, or weight goals. Some will aid you in nutrition information while other applications can even offer proper emotional and mental health support. Below is a collection of some of the best cell phone apps that are designed to help you live your life as healthy as possible. 

Health and fitness apps are constantly being updated, with constant new releases. MedicsList have published an updated list of the 50 Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2018 on their blog. See it here.

A Fun Fitness App

Zombies, Run!

For many individuals and their children, gaming has sort of become a part of daily life. This type of passtime though often produces a sedentary lifestyle. Gaming simply requires the player to be stationary…doesn’t it? The creators of Zombies, Run! wanted to try something different. This app let’s you run in real life while in the game you have to gather supplies, save survivors, and defend the homes of the survivors you manage to save. The way it works is simple: walk, run, or jog anywhere in the world that you want to go and then listen to the music and mission through your own headphones. If you find yourself being pursued by zombies, then you have to increase your pace. During each mission, you will collect supplies for your base. While the title of the app might stir a gruesome image by the word zombies, it certainly is one of the most popular and fastest growing apps on iTunes!


Another highly useful fitness app is StrongLifts. Ideally for lifting free weights, this training application takes the work out of recalling routines and for remembering which exercises to do to keep yourself looking buff. Your exercises will always be displayed for you easily on your phone as well as how much weight you should use and how long you should rest in between each set. It’s the fastest and easiest solution for those searching for a personal coach without having to pay outrageous hourly fees that always come attached to hiring a real human being. 

Health and Wellness Apps


What better way to monitor your overall health than with PlushCare? All you have to do is schedule an appointment. Then, you will be able to consult with a physician directly over your phone. The doctor will ask a few simple questions and you are also free to ask questions of your own as well. Whether you are suffering from an unknown rash or if you’re interested in getting std testing, the physician will be able to diagnose you and prescribe medicine that you can pick up at your local pharmacy. PlushCare makes it easy to treat and diagnose many ailments while simultaneously saving you from waiting in a traditional medical office setting.


With this app, you can access different approaches for improving stress management. There are many daily activities as well as games that you can play to improve your emotional health. Choose from a plethora of relaxing meditations. Assessments are also available. 

Nutrition Apps


If you’re looking for a way to lose weight successfully, keeping a digital food journal might just be the way to go. Myfitnesspal offers an exercise tracker that allows you to see how many calories you’ve worked off throughout the course of the day. It also monitors what you’ve eaten and even maintains your own personal food database. The website also lists more applications that you may be able to adopt to create an even healthier lifestyle than ever before.


For diabetics or pre-diabetics looking to improve their lifestyle, mySugar helps you monitor what types of foods you’ve eaten that contain sugar. This makes it easy to cut back on certain foods that may pose a threat to your overall health and wellness. Cutting out sugary foods will also increase your energy levels.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for the best cell phone apps to keep you healthy, these six applications can do just that and you’ll be having so much fun with them; you won’t even miss going to the gym.

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