Hair loss is believed to affect both men and women during their lifetimes. However, it affects more men than women. Research has been done to find out what causes hair loss and how it can be treated. While there is no cure to balding yet, several advancements have been made towards the management and prevention of hair loss.

However, before a cure can be found, one must first learn about the causes of hair loss and treatment options available.


One of the causes is the androgen hormone killing off the hair cells responsible for hair growth. The cells are called dermal sheath cup cells and are located at the bottom of the hair follicles. The reason most bald people have hair at the back of their heads is that the cells are immune to the hormone since they lack receptors for the androgen hormone.

Another cause for hair loss is when the person’s immune system attacks the cells of growing hair bulbs. Strong medication used in treatments can also cause hair loss. These include things like chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Another cause for temporary baldness is hair shedding. Everyone sheds hair at some point in life. However, it can lead to balding when you shed too much hair at the same time. The good thing with this is that the hair grows back after a few months.


There are many available treatment options when it comes to hair loss. One of them is using drugs that are in the form of shampoos. The shampoo can contain minoxidil and Propecia for maximum effect. Having only one of the drugs do not produce adequate results in men who are balding.

However, there are several problems with this treatment. One is the side effects of Propecia. It can lead to loss of libido but is expected to normalize after some time. Also, once you stop using the shampoo, hair loss resumes since it is not a permanent solution.

To get positive results, it is advisable to use the Hair growth shampoo reviewed by Andrea as it has been tested and works without the negative side effects. Hair loss shampoos usually contain organic ingredients and proteins that are essential for the management of hair loss. However, it has to be used frequently and over a period of time for the effects to be seen. Also, when getting shampoos, ensure you invest in high-quality ones that have been tested and proved to be effective.

Additional treatments for hair loss include effective medicines like finasteride which effectively help reduce hair thinning and hair loss.   It’s an especially effective treatment for balding crowns and receding hairlines. Another hair loss treatment is PRP injections method at Hair and Skin Science clinic. Visit for more information on Finasteride.

Initially, medication was the only thing that could be used to combat hair loss. However, advancements in technology have led to the introduction of hair transplants. One common procedure is scalp reduction where they reduce the balding area and put the remaining skin together. When this surgery is done, the scar left needs to be invincible. The best candidates for hair loss candidates are those who have been balding for several years but for some reason are not losing as much hair as before.

There is no known cure for hair loss. However, there is still hope as progress continues being made when it comes to hair loss treatments. One advancement is research into hair regeneration which is getting the hair follicles to regenerate and duplicate on their own.

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