Ever since the introduction of computers, all we hear is how technology has such a negative impact on our lives. Having all these machines and robots around us that can do almost anything, makes us sit in front of a computer all day. Even though technology made us create a sedentary lifestyle which is definitely not in our favor, when it comes to the health industry, there are a lot of good things that come along with it. Here are some ways technology benefits your health:

Health Insurance Industry

New technology brings a lot of changes to the health insurance industry every day. In comparison to the old paper-based system used by health insurance providers, the current one allows us to use web-tools, all sorts of payment options or electronic claim filing that really benefits the way we handle our health insurance.

Take HICAPS for example, an Australian electronic system your healthcare provider uses to instantaneously process your health claims at the time of payment. Also, this system can cover extra services on your health insurance like: dental, chiropractic, acupuncture and many others.

Medical Devices

According to SelectUSA, there are more than 6,500 medical device companies in the United States alone. There comes a time in your life when you reach a certain age or when an unfortunate event happens to you and a part of your body is not working as it should. In the last few decades, technology has developed incredible devices that can be placed inside or outside of your body, in order to make it work properly.

Think about the pacemaker and what a great impact it had on those with heart problems. Another great example are bypass machines, used throughout surgeries to protect the patient while undergoing transplants or any other intervention.

Better Treatment

Vaccinations and other medical advances have completely eradicated the likes of some affections that are now considered minor, like smallpox. People are now able to do research and come up with treatments without using animals or other humans, all that thanks to technology. One of the best examples is the HIV treatment, which is now at a point where the virus does not have to develop into AIDS.

Better Diagnosis

According to the Institute of Medicine, most people will suffer from at least one wrong or delayed medical diagnosis during their lifetime. Thanks to technology, doctors are now able to predict if you are more likely to suffer from a certain type of disease.

We are now able to find out if we could get a disease later in life or if a current symptom that we have could develop a condition. All the information about a patient’s health is kept in one place, which makes it way easier for a doctor to predict what will happen and help you avoid certain medical issues or even death.

There is no denying that technology can have a negative impact on our lives, but it has helped to improve our health and will continue to do so as long as advancements are being made. According to Statista, the entire medical technology industry is now worth $336.2 billion worldwide. Technology makes it easier for us to track our health, to track what we eat and how well we exercise, to get in contact with doctors whenever we need to and most cases it can actually save our lives.

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