We analyzed some the big names that offer medical billing services and shortlisted top five performers regarding their ability to manage different practice management tools, the billing interface, services cost, certified team and customer support. Here is the list of Top Medical Billing Companies in 2017.

1. SybridMD

Within the top-ranked medical billing companies of 2017 is SybridMD. It offers highly specific healthcare and medical billing services as per the needs of the physician practices and other healthcare organization. With an integrated reporting system the company allows healthcare providers to keep a check on all of their billing processes. SybridMD targets the customized and unique requirements of medical specialties in terms of healthcare and medical billing services. It offers all of its value based and advanced medical billing services at a surprisingly reasonable services cost. The medical billing company helps medical practices streamline their medical billing tasks, in order to cut down the risk of denied claims and to achieve improved revenues. One thing that makes SybridMD medical billing services different from other providers is its ability to integrate with any practice management tool, EHR system or existing billing software which means that medical practices are not required to buy anything new upfront. They merely hire the medical billing services team of SybridMD and they are set to work with existing infrastructure. With the help of its cloud-based technologies and support, clients can easily track their revenues. SybridMD is a well-experienced and well-equipped platform to achieve medical billing perfection with minimum upfront commitments. Their cost-effectiveness, easy setup, big certified team and a track record of excellent customer support and enhancing the returns in minimum time are some of the qualities that make them number one on our list.

2. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD located in South Jordan, Utah is also within the top-ranked medical billing companies of 2017. It implements complete software cloud to manage to bill of healthcare practices. It aims to strengthen the care practices by providing an array of integrated practice management tools. It has earned the trust and loyalty of up to 500 healthcare and medical organizations across the globe. This significant number of clientele is enough to come to rely on AdvancedMD for exceptional and revenue maximizing medical billing services. It takes complete account of the current condition of your reimbursement and pays heed to the rate of denied claims, so, to design a fitting strategy to sort out relevant issues.  AdvancedMD also creates reports to keep its client with your current monetary status so to put you on the right track towards improved reimbursements. AdvancedMD incorporates advanced and most recent technology thereby, saving a lot of your time and delivering highly cost-effective medical billing services. In addition, it also undertakes the electronic prescription compliant to HIPAA. Moreover, it allows monitoring of your staff discussions and management of your appointments to prepare a priority checklist. Adding to it, AdvancedMD offers custom-made healthcare plans, thereby, providing best medical and healthcare billing services.

3. Precision Medical Billing

Precision Medical Billing Company is considered to be one of the top medical billing companies of 2017 and is known to be fruitful to the healthcare and medical industry as it provides triumphant collections of revenue and quality care to its clients with steadfast uprightness. Precision Medical Billing has been declared as the best administrator for solving revenue cycle problems all over the world. It is also known to be the strategic partner that aims to deliver optimum outcomes. It is turning out to be the most reliable platform to combat the existing as well as emerging revenue and medical billing related issues with a significant exception. The staff of Precision Medical Billing is fully acknowledged and experienced to their relevant tasks, by this means; they make sure reliable, error-free and maximum revenue-boosting medical billing services to their clients. Precision Medical Billing incorporates authentic and highly useful tools and tactics to assist the healthcare industry in rationalizing their tasks to ensure the implementation of best care practices. Precision Medical Billing works efficiently so to foster improved medical billing for healthcare and medical industry. For these unique services infrastructure, the company makes to the top five of our picks.

4. CRT Medical Systems

CRT Medical System is a trusted medical billing company putting all of its efforts with great dedication and excellence for more than thirty years. It is an efficient group of staff members who are well-versed and well-experienced to deliver the best medical billing services. CRT knows what goes into delivering highly efficient and revenue-boosting medical billing services. It is a group of professionals who are determined to provide the healthcare and medical industry with maximum profit by offering highly profitable and accurate medical billing services. CRT keeps an eye on the ever-changing and emerging trends concerning the field of IT; hence, they implement the newest technology to put forward excellent medical billing services to every client. CRT Medical Systems is a highly helpful and useful medical billing services provider which delivers its clients with most relevant, accurate and affordable medical billing services. By doing so, CRT fosters improved reimbursements as well as minimum or no denied claims, thus, maximizing the overall revenue cycle. Besides, it follows the highly recommended rules and regulations and incorporates most recent and modernized technology to perform medical billing jobs.

5. Medical Billing Star

Medical Billing Star is another medical billing company ranked with one of the top medical billing companies of 2017. It delivers medical billing solutions which are highly particular to healthcare and medical practices. It aims to provide profitable solutions for medical billing that yield maximum profits, by giving a boost to returns on investments, thereby, stabilizing the revenue cycle. Medical Billing Star is having the authentication of HIPAA; therefore, all of its services are secure, most specific and result yielding as well. Medical Billing Star believes in efficient and effective working and makes sure that the delivery of medical billing services is customized to the unique needs. In so doing, it optimizes the revenue cycle and reduces denials to a greater extent. Furthermore, association with APPC is also a plus that earns the company a good reputation. Medical Billing Star is delivering quite productive and results-driven medical billing services due to which it has an expanded list of trusted clients. Medical Billing Star earned the trust of a lot of providers by actually maximizing their revenues and providing them with desirable outcomes with the help of its appropriate medical billing strategies.

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