For most of us, visiting the dental clinic is never much fun, especially if you are concerned about your teeth. To be honest, even when your dental clinic is a happy place, worrying about the whole event is perfectly normal. But it needn’t be. This article looks at the best way to prepare for your trip to your dentist and should help you get in a better frame of mind. Thanks to these proven tips, that next visit to your North York dental clinic will be a lot more fun.

Some ideas for the article are taken from the Knowledge Center of the Summit Heights Dental Clinic in North York.

Brushing before

You might be surprised but dental clinics around North York will not expect you to have brushed your teeth beforehand. Generally, dentists like to see where the problem areas are. If you turn up with clean teeth at the North York dentist, how are they expected to know this? In fact, if you have some food beforehand, they can easily spot the areas where food tends to collect.

Teeth whitener

According to one dental clinic in North York, they are surprised to see patients arrive with nice and shiny teeth. Applying teeth whitener is not going to impress them so please do not bother. This makes your teeth more sensitive and can cause even more discomfort when having your treatment. They always recommend that you apply your teeth whitener after they have scraped them clean of tartar and any debris.


Probably the last things that dentists in North York want to see is a patient who is already sick. This is because as part of the dental teeth cleaning process, something called Bacteraemia is created and this can cause problems for those of us who are not well. In healthy patients, it is usually not a problem. So, if you are feeling under the weather, we advise you to cancel that dental appointment for another time. If your dentist, North York-based, really cares about you, they will understand.

Notes matter

If you have any special requests or just want to ask the dentist something that is bothering you, instead of relying on your memory, write them down and ask before any treatment has been administered. It is very easy to get a little overwhelmed by the dentist and then you forget altogether. Communicating with your dentist is one way to ensure that you always get the most suitable treatment and also ease any worries that you may have. Let them know if you have recently had surgery, even if it isn’t that big of a deal. You never know how important this may turn out to be. Unless your dentist knows your medical history, they can’t really be expected to give you the best service. You might even avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort if you tell then of any allergies you may have because some of us react in an unpleasant way to some medication.

These proven tips will ensure that your next visit to the dentist is not only useful but also more enjoyable than the last time. Dentists do an amazing job so why not allow them to help you to maintain that beautiful smile?

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