Tons of people who are not even active in fitness or weight loss community are aware of the various fitness trackers and wearable devices that can help to keep one alert regarding fitness level. A lot of them don’t know that smartwatches can do the same thing and even more. According to an expert paperwriter, these smartwatches can detect and alert you whenever a specific illness is about to strike. That’s how smart they can act. So, no matter how tight your schedules are, you will always be able to keep tabs on your health, thanks to the innovations the smartwatch brings. These have proven so beneficial that everyone wants to have one even if he has all the gym equipment.

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Let’s go over how you can keep tabs on your health using this device.

Using the Samsung Gear S to check your health

The Samsung Gear is one of Samsung’s latest and most-innovative smartwatches. You can also connect the Samsung Health to this smartwatch. Plus it will help you stay up to date with your daily fitness levels.

The Samsung Gear comes designed with everything you need to stay healthy and active. You can track your exercise, heart rate, calories, caffeine, sleep, stress levels, and even water intake. Another impressive thing about this smartwatch is that it works automatically. You don’t need to take a blood sample or do a manual test. It can record your heart rate through the day and display the readings for you to see.

How to set goals on the Samsung Gear S

The Pedometer measures the distance one travels by tracking steps. And to set goals, all you need do is go to the “More Options” on the menu and then “Settings.”

How the heart rate sensor on the Samsung Gear S works

There is a special heart rate sensor on this smartwatch designed to measure heart rate. It does so in Beats per Minute and also uses a LED light sensor and an optical LED light source. When you put on your smartwatch, the light that measures heart rate will shine through your skin, giving room for the sensor to measure the amount of light reflected back.

However, light reflections usually divers because of the movement of blood pulses under the skin, which passes the light. And these variations in light reflections are interpreted as heartbeats.

Using the Apple Watch to check your health

The Apple Watch is another highly innovative smartwatch that provides users with information about their health on a daily basis. Feature such as an activity application is installed on this device to provide a thorough breakdown of regular exercise time of users. One can also have access to information such as time spent standing, walking and total calories burnt during the workout session.

This Apple Watch is every fitness enthusiast’s dream. It can track different metrics for activities like cycling, running, and even when you make use of some gym equipment. Plus you will also receive updates whenever you get closer to or surpass your daily fitness target.

How the Apple Watch works for tracking health

This smartwatch comes with three sensors, which aids it to monitor your everyday activities. These are accelerometer, heart rate sensor and GPS unit. You can also download other apps from the Apple Store to enjoy additional features. For instance, there is an app called Medication Alarm that ensures users do not forget to take their medication at the right time.

How the Apple Watch heart rate sensor works

Blood is usually red because it reflects red light, but green light, on the other hand, is generally absorbed. But this smartwatch uses green LED lights together with light-sensitive photodiodes to detect the volume of blood that flows through the wrist at a certain period.

Every time the heart beats, blood flows in the wrist, and thus the green light absorption is higher, but usually less between beats. And by the simple act of flashing the LED lights, this Apple watch can help to calculate your heart rate. All there is to do is to ensure that the device is worn correctly, and is also working in perfect condition.


The Samsung Gear S and Apple Watch are not the only smartwatches designed to check one’s health. There are many of them out there. The challenges many have is, being able to determine the right one to choose. However, one tip that can help you decide on the device most suitable to you is the area of your health you think should be kept under close watch. Is it your heart rate? Or blood pressure? According to college homework helper, technological advancement has made it possible for people to track everything about their health even when they are quite busy.

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