Phlebotomy technicians are basically meant for collecting and preparing various blood samples for any lab testing. Plenty of job opportunities exist as a phlebotomist, and most of them work in big hospitals, private clinics, medical laboratories and various research centers.

There are many reasons that you can check here for choosing this profession. Here are few of them:

1. Applying for this certificate program is fairly easy

Those who are interested to enter in this career will be happy to learn that applying for its certificate program is very easy and straightforward. All that you need is a basic high school qualification and the necessary interest and attitude to learn about this field along with some training. For your information, phlebotomy training costs around $300-$700.

2. Flexible learning hours

Those schools that conduct certificate programs for this course provide morning, afternoon and evening classes in order to accommodate those students who may join as part-time students or who also need to bear various family responsibilities.

3. Very short course

There is a crash course available about this medical field that can be completed in just one month. However, no other course on this subject will take more than 4 months, and you can start working after that.

4. Much affordable certificate course

This is one of the paramedical courses, which can be completed very quickly and the cost of this certificate course is also most affordable than any other paramedical course.

5. Long-term career in allied healthcare

As a phlebotomist, you have to spend most of your time with various other healthcare professionals in many different situations, and you thus get plenty of knowledge about the medical field. After gaining sufficient experience in your profession, you can also start your own business of blood drawing.

6. Plenty of secure jobs available

There are plenty of secured jobs available in this profession, and one can find plenty of opportunities if you have got sufficient experience in your field. As per the statistics available with Bureau of labor, there will be a 19 per cent increase in demand in this field. and in the USA it is the highest among any other medical field.

7. Good pay package

As a phlebotomist, you can earn a very decent salary in the very beginning of your career.

8. Get plenty of opportunity to work with doctors and other medical professionals

As a phlebotomist you get the opportunity to work with doctors, nurses, surgeons, physicians, and all other people who are involved in various medical professions. You also get the opportunity to learn about many different important medicines.

9. You remain physically fit

This is not a desk type job but you have to remain on your feet during the most part of the day. Therefore, if you are involved in this profession then you will continue to remain fit for many years.

10. You can be the only member in the team who can help

Quite often it is very difficult to locate certain veins so that the needle can be inserted into the veins particularly when the patient is critical. In such situation, phlebotomy technicians are the only qualified people around who can help.

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