Back pain is a common problem among different people and if not taken care of can lead to a series of absenteeism in the work place. This can as well affect your profession and at times lead to lose of your job. It is not a critical condition but if you do not take immediate measures to reduce the pain, it can lead to stress and as a result cause poor performances in your work place. You will not also attend your family responsibilities effectively. Making repetitive movements at the work place, lifting heavy machines or even sitting for long hours at the office desk are the major causes of back pain. Other factors such as aging and being obese also contribute to back pain although they can easily be managed within a short time.

Generally, back pain has over years been reported to be the major cause of poor performance and absenteeism in the work place. This has a great impact in the overall performance and productivity of the organization or the company that you are working in. if the problem persists, it could lead to early retirement or even an immediate loss for the job which would probably mean the end of your profession.

Sometimes we tend to assume these effects of back pain not knowing how it could be a danger to our profession. You need to carefully examine your problem and find the appropriate means to handle it. This guide is therefore prepared in detail to help you understand how back pain can affect your profession and some of the ways to handle it.

Effects of back pain in your profession

Ended profession

Back pain can easily end your profession if you do not find an immediate treatment. One of the major complications of a back pain is the collapsing of the osteoporotic vertebra. Once this vertebra collapses, you can never be able to perform your duties in your work place. The pain becomes immense and an onset of disability has just begun. What used to be absenteeism once a month slowly changes to twice a week. If no diagnosis is made and the treatment begun, you eventually stop working and become tied to a chair. Though an artificial vertebra can be made, you will never enjoy the state you were in just before the disease came up. Your progress in career to an extend is also disrupted and you have to go back to the first step.

Stress and sporadic profession interference

Complications resulting from back pain are linked with psychosocial stress and pain. This means that you have to endure the pain of watching others easily and happily do duties while you are limited to only certain tasks due to your back pain. Furthermore, the pain acts as a distraction. In stead of focusing on building your career, back pains are a constant reminder of you are not okey and several distraction from what you are doing. Such distractions and stress can also be a super obstacle in your profession.

Disease Complications

You can never keep on battling with diseases and simultaneously build a reputable profession. Diseases result into absenteeism and distractions from your job. Back pains have been known to result into diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis and kidney stones. With a constant attack of these diseases, your career might never get off the blocks.

How to prevent back pain at work

Back pain is not a permanent problem since it can easily be managed if the appropriate measures are taken. The following are some of the ways to you may consider to prevent back pain.

1. Make proper lifting of loads to avoid dislocation of joints and muscles.
2. Modify your tasks to avoid much repetition
3. Balance your weight while standing
4. Oftenly change your sitting position

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In Conclusion

Back pain can be a great hindrance to your profession and also a challenge during your free time. It is not stuck in your life and it is therefore a time you need to carefully examine its cause and use the above ways to handle it. The steps could be simple but be of a great help in healing you. Consider them in order to handle your problems and as well change your life.

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