Are you having constant problems with callused skin and you are in every-day pain and unpleasant feeling? If yes, have you tried emjoi micro pedi tornado ,the best callus remover? We will take you through a full review of one of the most praised callus removers that there is on the market.

What is Emjoi Micro Pedi Tornado Callus Remover?

It is a device designed for personal use when you have problems with irritating calluses on your feet. According to the designer’s words, you won’t have to spend a small fortune on pedicures and other salon treatments in order to become callus free.

Emjoi Micro Pedi Tornado Features

Emjoi, looking to bring innovation every year when it comes to cosmetics and skincare, has presented this cute little, but the super powerful callus remover. Equipped with a micro-mineral roller that spins at 360 degrees with up to 47 revolutions per second, it is bound to buff away hard and dry skin on your feet. Also, it pulverizes dead skin almost instantly.

It operates on two speeds, and you can use slower or faster one, depending on the stage of your callus, and comes with changeable rollers which you can switch any time you feel it is time for a change, preferably thinking on your hygiene.

However, rollers are also equipped with different grades of coarseness, covering all the requirements your skin needs. This micro pedi comes with rechargeable batteries and it is cordless, which means you won’t have any problems reaching any surface on your feet. From heel to toe, you are covered with micro-pedi tornado callus remover.

To speak further of its features, a micro-pedi tornado is equipped with a safety feature that instantly stops the rollers when you start feeling too much pressure on your feet. This option should prevent injuries and bleed if the used roller is too coarsened.

Is it Good Enough?

Rendered as one of the best callus removers, a micro-pedi tornado can save you time, by not assessing pedicure treatment and manual callus removers. Though a bit pricey than most of the removers, you won’t regret your money. In just a few uses, you will smooth away any dead and thickened skin on your feet.

If you check online stores that sell these little miracle workers, you can see a ton of satisfied people, praising this product from emjoi. However, like any other product, it does have some bad sides.


Because of its innovative design, this little tornado is a bit pricier than other callus removers. This is known to scare some customers off, but those who decide for it, won’t regret their selection. One more thing that might affect badly on your selection could be devices weight. It is a bit heavier than the rest of the similar products, which renders it not so much portable.

Good Side

Now that we have maybe set your mind off the product, probably, let’s bring you back with its good sides. It is powerful, easy to use, suitable for every skin, and in no time removes dead skin from your feet and heel as well.

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