Stem cells treatment has become a medical trend. It is one of the most recognized ways of treating some ailments in this century. As we all know everything original must most times attract a fake version, there are rumors spreading around and many controversies surrounding the stem cell treatment; this information have wrecked a lot of havoc in harming people’s health. I went through a great deal of information online and I went as far as watching reviews, it was all worth it but the most eye-opening experience was when I stumbled upon the Swiss Medica YouTube channel, I watched the reviews and I decided to contact them, I asked questions and surprisingly they were willing to accommodate my questions. Their reviews gave me a hint they were an authority in the stem cell therapy.

What health conditions can stem cell therapy treat?

Stem cells can be effectively used to treat blood-related diseases and immune system abnormalities, it can also be used to balance or regulate the blood system as a post-cancer treatment aid. Over 26000 patients benefit from the stem cell treatment every year in Europe, it is a fast-growing means of treating ailments and with the research is currently ongoing in stem cell medicine.  It is possible to treat even a wider range of diseases with stem cells in the future.

Treatment of the skin

It can be used to treat skin burns and only a few clinics can properly administer this, Swiss Medica is one of them, only severe burns are handled using stem cells it rebirths s new skin. The cornea is not also an exception; stem cells can be used in treating the cornea, after accidents like chemical accidents although it is barely accepted in Europe.

Treatment of cancer and immune system deficiencies

Cord blood stem cells are useful in the treatments of kids, they are collected from the umbilical cord during birth a preserved at cell warehouses known as cell banks. They are great warriors against blood cancer in kids( leukemia) and other genetic abnormalities in kids. Adults cannot be a beneficiary of this stem cell system as a result of the limited cell count collected from the umbilical cord.

Stem cell therapy for the eye (corneal revive)

Like every other cells, they have high differentiation capacity, they are found in the limbus, which repairs defects to the cornea sustained through chemical accidents resulting to burns. This stem cell therapy is only effective for those who have their limbal systems intact or untampered. This is not at all under any threat of approval, its a widely accepted method and it makes use of blood and stem cells together.


What are the processes of stem cell therapy?

These processes are automated from start to finish and any human involvement is minimal.

The processes include; harvesting, separation, activation, and stem cell infusion.


This is the initial stage; they collect fat from adipose tissues. This is collected from the patient’s body. The body might react to cells that do not belong to it. There’s a protein tag on cells that allow the body recognize its original cells. The harvesting is done through the process of liposuction. The body by design cannot revolt against itself.


The cell extraction solution helps subtract stem cells from fat while in the centrifuge. Incubative mixing is done and it involves mixing the fat in an automated temperature controlled hub. The test tubes are prepared to encounter the centrifuge device. Stem cells are placed into the centrifuge and allowed to spin until fats separate from stem cells.


This is the third and the shortest process, it is also automated, it simply involves photo-activation which stimulates growth from PRP.

Stem cells infusion

This is the last process, it is the stage where all the extracted stem cells are injected into the body of the patient, this process has duration of 1-2hours, it is minimally invasive, and pain will fizzle out in no time. Some risks are present with this, which involves bleeding and so on. The reviews I watched showed that at Swiss Medica, these risks are highly minimal. It’s almost painless, except for the injection; of course the pain of injection only lasts for a few seconds, minutes, hours or days.

Swiss Medica review

It all started when I saw a video on YouTube, I had been a fan of the stem cells medicine for a very long time, the idea of using cells derived from the human body to treat humans. I have always found very fascinating, but failures in this regard in reviews I have watched aren’t at all encouraging and the controversies that was circulating was also a major discouraging factor. Everything changed when I watched a review on Swiss Medica’s YouTube, and that was the major move to write this; to help people clear the spot information circulating and to expose the gimmicks of just profit oriented clinics. I researched on the patients that were interviewed, we are in the 21st century, and people get paid to act reviews. I found that the successes were indeed recorded and I contacted them based on what the man they treated had said that at Swiss Medica they are very accommodating set of people. I was going to make inquiries to share, the first response was to ask if I was in Moscow to have a conversation with one of their designated professionals, even though the conversation had to be online, they took their time to explain and intensively dissect the topic of stem cells treatment.

One of the patients from USA who had suffered from chronic kidney disease and who was treated using stem cells . He says he has been suffering from the disease for 6-7 years ago, he claimed his condition got progressively worse and he needed dialysis(a method of separating molecules or particles of different sizes by differential diffusion through a semipermeable member), he had cholesterol, type 2 diabetes. All the tests he had taken in his home hospital seemed to indicate that his kidney wasn’t going to get any better.

In his words:

“I had researched stem cell treatment in relation to treating kidney disease, I had researched hospitals in Thailand, south Korea and all over the world, Swiss Medica honestly had the best reputation, they’ve been doing stem cell therapy for 10 years, they have clinics all over Europe. I contacted them at Swiss Medica and I sent them my blood work they told me to come over that they could treat me, my kidney disease what at stage 5 which means my kidney was only functining 5 percent. They were so courteous,  they picked me up from the airport, they had a translator, with a car and a driver…they evaluated my condition and put me on medication, within two weeks of my visit, I started to feel better”

Today he is hale and hearty and in perfect condition all because he found Swiss Medica.

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