Saliva drug testing is one of the terrifying things, especially if it’s your first time to go for the test. But it doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking exercise to you because in this article we will discuss all that you need to know about it and how to pass one.

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There are countries where legal weed is gaining significant traction but in some, people are expected to go through a regular drug test. Saliva drug testing is one of the new tests and is not the same as urine drug tests. Well, while it is thought that saliva drug tests are easy to pass, some people believe that they are more accurate, so you might fail to pass one.

However, the testing method is easy and you should expect to get a saliva drug test in the workplace, especially if you live in a country where some drugs are prohibited.Understanding how the test is conducted will help you to know how to pass one.

Why Saliva Drug Testing

Usually, you will be subjected to saliva drug testing to assess abuse of the following drugs:

  • Cocaine and Crack
  • Marijuana, cannabis, and hashish
  • Heroin and opiates
  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamine

Each drug is detected independently, so the results will show the results for each drug.

How Does The Saliva Drug Test Work?

Saliva drug testing is rising in popularity due to the fact that it’s easy to perform and can take about 10 minutes to get the results. It is also cheaper to perform a saliva drug test. However, a saliva drug test will detect drugs you used for the past 7 days, so it’s easy to change the saliva in a manner that will trick the kit.

During the test, a swab will be placed in your inner cheeks near the molar teeth or under the tongue for some few minutes to collect the saliva. The saliva will then be tested for the drug.

How Long Can THC Be Detected In Saliva?

Saliva drug testing can detect THC for about 24 hours since the last consumption of the drug. But the test may not be 100% accurate. Sometimes the test may detect THC up to 72 hours since the last time you took it.

This means, if you smoke regularly, you may need to stop smoking for about one week before you are subjected to saliva drug testing, to be able to pass one. But for those who do not smoke regularly, you may stop smoking for about 3 days before you go for the test so that the results can be clean.

How to Get a Clean Saliva Drug Test

Well, the folks at Test Country say that there are no foolproof ways to trick the saliva drug test kit. However, there are ways that could help you pass one, although they might work differently for different people.

In this case, you might try more than one method or a combination of them to increase the chances of getting clean saliva drug test results.

First things first: If you are going to be subjected to a saliva drug test in the coming few days or weeks, you need to stop smoking. Another thing to do is to ensure to brush your teeth perhaps three times a day, some days beforehand, and ensure to be cautious on your gums and tongue.

Drink enough water; although this is good for your overall health, it will also help you to pass your upcoming saliva drug test.

Also, you could try to eat a small meal of high-fat foods. And then before your test, you may wash your mouth with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide solution. This will help you to hide the THC in your saliva, however, you should take them 30 minutes or less than that before your test.

The best part about the test is that if you haven’t smoked weed for about 10 days before the test, then you rest assured of clean results.

Final Thoughts

Well, although the saliva drug test is still new and people are not pretty sure how to pass one, it’s easier to trick the kit and get clean results than when you are subjected to a urine test. Have you ever been subjected to a saliva drug test? Was it at police checkpoint or for employment purposes? What were the results and how did you cheat the kit?

We’d love to hear how and what you did to pass the test.

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