Back pain is a common issue that pretty much everyone suffers from at least once in their life. Aching back means disturbed routine, poor sleep, fatigue, and low mood. Isn’t it all a bit too much to absorb? So here we have made a rundown consisting of some of the best home remedies for back pain. Have a look.

Release Your Inner Endorphins

Endorphins are the hormones in your body that serve lots of physiological functions. Endorphins naturally possess the capability to block the pain receptors of the body without them registering to the CNS. Other than that, they can help you get rid of stress as well as anxiety. In order to release your inner endorphins, you need to adopt the following activities:

  • Massage therapies
  • Aerobics

Yoga is all about stretching, and there are thousands of poses that you can go for. Apart from that, massage therapies have their own benefits including the increase of endorphins. For this, you can add chair massage to your everyday routine. Hop over to here to know more about it.

Take Enough Vitamin D

Do you know why your back is hurting? One common cause behind a backache is the deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D shares a strong co-relation with a backache. You can try the necessary remedies like soaking up the sun every day for half an hour or just go and take over the counter vitamin D tablets.

Other than that, you must take care of your diet. You should consume foods that are rich in vitamin D, for example, fish, dairy products like cheese, butter and more.


Balance is essential to keep the body run properly. Meditation is what you need in order to create a balance in the body. It does not just come with psychological benefits but physical as well including backache relief. According to research, meditating every day for 30 minutes can significantly reduce the symptoms of back pain. Also, adding meditation to your routine can promote pain tolerance and will make the pain management easier for you.


Magnesium is another essential mineral that our body needs. According to a study, there are various forms of magnesium that can alleviate body aches as well as promote muscles relaxation. A good example of this is through liquid magnesium supplements you can find online. Most of the people are not aware of the magnesium deficiency so keeping it in check is crucial. Apart from reducing the back pain, magnesium can also regulate the blood pressure and control the levels of blood sugar.

Vitamin B12

You can experience a chronic backache sometimes because of vitamin B12 deficiency. The risk factors that contribute to the scarcity of vitamin B12 are:

  • Poor diet (inadequate intake of dairy as well as meat products);
  • Infection (bacterial infections caused in the stomach or the intestines);
  • Stomach disorders (Crohn’s as well as celiac disease);
  • Side effects of various medicines (for example, stomach acid-blocking medicines);

The standard cure for the vitamin B12 deficiency is getting the vitamin B12 muscles injections. Oral medication for vitamin B12 can also be consumed.

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