Medicare has been around since the 1960s; This refers to the national health insurance program in the United States. Its focus is on providing healthcare for the population who are aged 65 and over. However, there are some exemptions as well for the younger demographic, such as those who have permanent disabilities or end-stage health concerns. The advancement of technology has also made the enrollment for Medicare easier, and more accessible to the general public. While most of you may be fully aware of Medicare, there may be some aspects of it, such as its benefits, that you do not have full knowledge of. Here are some of these benefits:

Yes, through the Medicare Advantage, your travels outside of the United States are covered as well.

As Medicare has been around for many years now, its services are also continuously improving. Part of this improvement and expansion is through the Medicare Advantage and through Medicare Part G. This is merely an add-on to your original Medicare plan, which you will only need to pay for with a very minimal amount.

With the Medicare Advantage Plans 2021, your travels outside the United States are covered as well, for emergency problems. This coverage has a lifetime ceiling of 50,000 USD.

Yes, it does cover dental and vision problems.

One of the most common myths about Medicare is that it doesn’t have coverage for dental and vision concerns. In a way, this is both correct and incorrect. Yes, Medicare does cover dental and vision problems. However, this coverage is minimal and applies only to particular circumstances. For example:

  • Dental procedures are only included if they form part of an emergency dental procedure while you are in the hospital.
  • Eye procedures are only covered if they are serious vision problems, such as glaucoma; minor issues such as eyeglass prescriptions are not included. 

Yes, you can get help at any time of the day.

Medicare has a statewide hotline that you can reach at any time because of the advancements in technology. This fact is something that, surprisingly, not a lot of residents are also aware of. Each state has an accessible hotline for this purpose. Each state has a State Health Insurance Assistance Program to cater to any of your concerns. You can reach them through the following:

  • Their website:
  • Their hotline: 800-333-4114
  • Their email address: [email protected]

 Yes, each part of Medicare covers an exhaustive list.

If you are not yet fully aware of the benefits that each part of your Medicare coverage insures, here is a quick list for you to double check on the same:

  • Part A, or hospital insurance, covers inpatient treatment, hospice stays, and nursing facility stays
  • Part B, or medical insurance, covers outpatient treatment, including preventative care, ambulatory care, laboratory tests, doctor check-ups, and purchase of medical equipment
  • Part C, refers to Medicare Advantage Plans, which you can contact your Medicare provider about
  • Part D applies to the coverage for prescription medicines for the elderly

 Yes, you are getting so much more than what you are paying for.

Despite its numerous advantages, there are still those who are doubtful about the benefits that they can gain from Medicare. It is often the misconception that you are paying so much more than the amount you receive in benefits. However, this is false. The benefits that you gain from Medicare are, in reality, so much more than what you are paying for. Over the coming years, these rates are even expected to increase even more.

For example, senior citizens may pay a total of 65,000 USD in their lifetime for Medicare. However, the benefits that they gain with health can go as high as 180,000 to 200,000 USD.

Yes, you have extensive access to doctors that can help you out.

Every year, the doctors that are associated with or are connected to Medicare are increasing. Hence, even if you have to rely on this insurance provider to cater to your health and medical needs, you do not have to worry about losing access to quality doctors, or only having a limited network.

With your Medicare plan, you can approach any doctor and seek the services of any facility that is associated with the same. All you have to do is check with your local state Medicare office about this matter.

Did you know, too, that in most cases, through Medicare, you would no longer need a referral to see a specialist? Now you know.


Medicare can be likened to the Social Security Program, which is like an entitlement program. For as long as you have been employed, and have been paying your taxes, then you have the right to enroll for this program. Think of Medicare as a part of your retirement plan, for when that time comes. Remember that healthcare is expensive; hence, it is essential for you to put a premium on ensuring the same. Even additionally, Medicare continues to improve, as it has constantly done over the years, thanks to the help and advancements in technology.

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