Feeling better about yourself takes on many forms. Mostly though, it’s an inside job. External validation and even material possessions can help to some extent by making you feel happier and successful, but often these feelings don’t last. They also can act as a band-aid on personal issues by covering feelings of insecurity that will affect your immune system and wellness if left unaddressed.

Here are a few suggestions for how to feel better about yourself today.

Irregular or Stained Teeth? Get Your Teeth Fixed

When we said being happy is “an inside job,” this also applies to your teeth. They’re in your mouth and if they cause you anxiety when you grin or smile because of the reaction you get back, it can really hurt your confidence. Eventually, this will change your personality as you’ll become more inward and withdrawn, and your confidence levels will fall too.

Identify whether you have dental issues that you’ve been putting off getting addressed. Perhaps you have crooked teeth that some orthodontic treatment at Aesthetic Dental in Santa Clarita could get fixed for you? Or, you have a tooth missing after it decayed too far to be saved and you’re unhappy with the gap in your smile? In which case, consider a dental implant to bring your smile back to the way it should be.

Also, getting a tooth whitening procedure done can remove any loss of color and shine over the years. There are several different whitening products to choose from at most dental clinics now.

Get Some (Gentle) Exercise

If you’ve become rather sedentary at home and don’t get out much, then you need to start changing that today. It doesn’t have to be overly strenuous either.

You can start with a gentle walk around the park. You’ll be surrounded by nature and probably enjoy the break from being indoors. You don’t need fancy workout gear for it either – a pair of sneakers, some shorts and a t-shirt are fine to get started.

Exercising releases happy chemicals in the brain that naturally lift your spirits. You also tend to think about different things when exercising than you do at home. It provides an altered perspective which is very helpful when feeling like you’re stuck in a mental rut.

Talk with Friends More Often

It’s possible that you’re not as happy as you once were. This leads to closing yourself off from friends who are probably missing talking to you and seeing you.

We all need other people to interact with, share confidences and life difficulties. When we have no one to share issues with, we tend to bottle them up. That’s unhealthy when wanting to be happy.

Also, if you have issues from the past that you need to talk to a counselor about, then book an appointment with one and start the process.

Feeling better starts with treating yourself well. Beating yourself up about something that happened recently or long ago in your past isn’t helpful. Work to resolve any negative feelings, feel optimistic about your future and make strides towards a better life. Life gets better when you work at it constructively over time and are patient for the progress to come.