Every person dealing with a problem that interferes in their everyday life wants to find an instant solution to eliminate the restlessness. Well, the truth is there are no shortcuts in this life when dealing with problems that have been building for years. The cure for any painful circumstance in life is patience and acceptance. As we already know learning patients take time, and holistic healing methods will guide you on your journey to finding this cure and help you with your healing.

Holistic approach to healing or well-being means looking at the big picture, looking at yourself as an inseparable whole of body, mind and emotional inner self. Hence, a change in one part means a change in the whole being.

Acknowledging that there is an existing problem a person should deal with, is the starting point in beating anxiety. Not finding a way to deal with these situations may lead to adapting to fear and restricting many aspects of healthy living and in the worst cases, it may lead to depression and isolation.

Be aware and talk about it

Awareness is the key to finding the real reason and the triggers for these conditions to arise. When overwhelmed by the emotions, fears and confusion, people tend to run away from the problem and get stuck in denial.

Therefore, when a feeling of anxiety arises notice all the emotions that are occurring, how they impact on you, on your behaviour and mood. The willingness to pay attention to what the triggers are, and are there any specific patterns that lead to anxiety attacks will lead you to the solution of the problem. Stay aware!

Don’t force yourself to engage in situations that are not appealing to you, listen to what your body-mind needs and wishes are, be kind and take good care of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to tell others what is happening to you. Talk with a person you feel close with or talk with a therapist. It is always helpful to have someone understanding and non-judgemental that will also help with efficient methods. The therapy can help you deal with problems and in most cases helps overcoming them. Furthermore, it helps to build a healthy and aware mindset that will eliminate developing similar disorders and conditions.

Practicing Relaxation and Mindfulness

You have probably, already heard of the methods such as meditation, relaxation with deep breathing, yoga practicing and their benefits on the mental and emotional health. Moreover, here we are at the point where patience leads to healing. These methods are practiced over a longer period of time before you start noticing the rewarding benefit.

These methods will teach you mindfulness, self-love and care. Moreover, those are the essentials for strong mental health which comes from the good connection of the body, mind and spirit.

Practicing guided meditation or deep breathing on a daily basis will help you find the balance and be more conscious of what is happening to you and how you deal and respond to stressful situations. They may provide the support you need to take over the control and not let your unconscious mind control you and overreact in situations that are not menacing.

Take good care of Yourself

Taking good care of yourself means listening and constantly checking with your inner voice, with your inner self if everything you are doing is in synchronization with your needs and wishes.

Facing an anxiety issue, disorder or condition is a signal from the inner you that something in this whole of yours is out of balance, something is hidden or suppressed and needs to be seen and acknowledged. Sorting problems, emotions, and suppressed feelings are as important as it is to cure a cold, a broken bone or any physical illness.

You need to understand that these conditions are not bad, they are helpful. Therefore, if you embrace the change and acknowledge them, they will sure help you on your way to learning how to truly love yourself, take care of yourself, get in touch with your inner voice and let it guide you.

Life is full of hard situations and we are forced to make compromises and deal with people that will compromise our well balanced existence. However, when you learn how to stay in touch with all parts of your being, you will always know how to guide yourself on the right path again. Moreover, you will be aware enough to make the right decisions and consciously choose what is best for you.

Furthermore, take time to eat properly, to exercise and spend some time in nature. Do something that pleases any of your senses on a daily basis. Spend some time with friends, with family and loved ones; make time for activities that will bring back your happiness and laughter.

Sleeping properly is a major part in healing anxiety and on the other hand, sleeping properly with anxiety issues can sometimes be impossible. Don’t reach out for medications as they will help you temporary and may be addictive. Moreover, there are other solutions like taking CBD oil which is completely natural or try the benefits of the weighted blanket.