Sleep is a primary requirement for almost all living organisms. But when it comes to colleges, sleep deprivation goes hand in hand with the student schedule. Between the classes, extracurricular, exams and actually having some fun in college, it would be a surprise if students can sneak some time for sleep, but they can turn to professional writing services to lighten their load.

Studies conducted by PSQI reports that up to 60% of college students have lousy sleep quality, 25.9 % report frequently waking up at night; and  14.9 % have difficulties falling asleep. Above all 7.7% in general pass through the criteria for insomnia.

The statistics are quite alarming, especially when considering that students do need sleep to focus and excel in academics. Since the reports, student life has been overtaken by the electronic device, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the percentages have risen more dramatically. It is not only about academic performances, but sleep deprivation can also adversely impact health in many ways.

But the fact is, even though students are well aware of the importance of sleep, it is still not always possible to prioritize that above the million tasks to be completed in a day. Getting enough sleep is easier said than done. However, with these expert tips, even the most sleep-deprived students can get back on track.

 Take Limited Naps

Naps are considered the next best way to get sleep. But if done wrong, it could affect the quality of nighttime sleep poorly. Experts say that if possible, it is best to avoid naps. In case it is the last resort, stick to no more naps policy after 4 p.m. The naps should be no longer than 20 to 30 minutes to avoid feeling dizzy like an interrupted sleep cycle.

Stay Away From Caffeine

 Before brushing aside this point as an impossible one, take a pause, we are talking only about afternoon caffeine. While it is the most popular and favored drink choice among students, it would be in your best interest to avoid coffee or any other caffeinated drinks after 4 in the afternoon. Caffeine can have a severe impact on sleep even up to eight hours after consuming. Even if one falls asleep during this window, it still won’t suffice for a good night’s sleep.

 Stick to a Sleep Schedule

 Consistency is the key to getting proper sleep every single day. Staying up for one single night and sleeping through the next day could mess up the body clock. It could even throw off your schedules for over a week. The simple reason for this is that the body needs to coordinate the organs, immune system, hormonal systems, and every other part. So there is a whole different system working inside the body that depends on what happens outside. Following a schedule will make it easier for our bodies to function optimally and repair damages.

The schedule should be followed on weekdays and weekends. If you are setting up a new schedule, try to make it realistic rather than to go ambitious for the first try itself.

Disconnect Before Sleep

 The most common reason today for insomnia is the use of electronic devices in bed. The harsh blue light can strain your eyes and trick your brain into thinking that it is still day time. This will further reduce the secretion of melatonin making it difficult to fall asleep. Make it a point to turn off the electronic devices, at least an hour before going to bed.

 Don’t fall Asleep with Audio On

Few students prefer the sound of something to silence to help them fall asleep. While it might help to get into sleep, it will negatively affect the depth of the sleep. Even though you are not awake, the variations in the sound can affect sleep quality.

 Keep Anxiety at Par

 Similar to cutting off the light from small devices, it is also essential that you ease into sleep. If you are worried about something, it will not help the sleep pattern. For students, it is unavoidable not to worry about academics. But it is possible to handle the submissions widely, so it does not keep you awake at night.

If required, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help with college work. Students can get assistance with essays, research papers, and dissertations from an online essay writer. This will help you to sort through the work pile and avoid stress to an extent.

Set the Mood

 For some people, it is difficult to fall asleep how much ever you try. That is why it would be a smart step to set the mood before you sleep. Instead of turning off the lights at one go, try turning off the overhead lights and switch to lamps. You can try reading or meditation; both activities help you slow down your mind. Meditation can further assist with anxiety and reduces metabolic activity.

Keep a Sleep Sanctuary

 The ambience can make a huge difference to help you fall asleep. It is understood that the dorm might not provide with enough room for that. But try to avoid using the bed for anything other than sleeping. Design the dorm room to have a separate area for studying, a relaxation nook and then one for sleep will cover all the necessary parts. It will make the bed associated only with sleeping and will aid better to fall asleep.

 Get Up Right Away

 Most of us have the habit of lingering on the bed after waking up. The most common thing is to reach for the smartphone these days. It will almost ruin the beginning of the day. Set out with a morning routine to get out of the bed and get ahead with the daily activities. It would also help to step out in the morning, even for a quick walk.

 Stay Active throughout the Day

 The best way to fall asleep is by being tired at the end of the day. Get moving and keep yourself busy throughout the day. College gives one plenty of opportunities to get this part covered. All you need to do is actually to take part in them. If you have a full day ahead in front of you, it will also force you to get up from the bed. This will then continue to stick with a schedule to form a cycle of habits.

The trick is to balance between studies and sleep. It is vital that you get just the right amount of sleep to perform better in college. Try these tips, and you will surely notice that you have more energy and enthusiasm to carry on with your day.

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