It is 2019 already and the high prices of medications are affecting everyone in the whole UK. Despite the fact that there are a number of rules trying to keep the prices under control, the prices still vary and rise all the time. The ways how prices continue to rise are too much for the British patient to navigate.

A recent study found that 30% of people taking medications on a regular basis experienced an increase in prices during the last year only. The study was done on just 5 common generic drugs but showed a lot of information.

That is why we at Pharmica offer you this guide to be able to find medications at lower prices with the same quality.

Visit More Than One Pharmacy

This can be applied to both community and online pharmacies. Even if there is a nearby pharmacy, it is still a good thing to check other pharmacies in the area. Prices vary widely. You may find your medication sold at the old price in one of these pharmacies.

The same thing is applied to online pharmacies. You should compare the prices on different websites before deciding which pharmacy you’re going to deal with.

Make the Best out of Your Health Insurance

Chain drugstores are the most expensive usually while independent and local pharmacies are more flexible and their prices are not as high as chain drugstores. The same thing can be applied to the websites of these pharmacies. Competition in this business is good for the customers.

If you have health insurance, you should use it. It is considered a discount program. Many pharmacies and chain stores supply its customers with common generics at low prices as long as they are going to pat out of pocket. We at Pharmica have a great all the data about different health insurance programs and discount programs in the UK. We even insist that you must make the best of your insurance or discount program especially if the price of the medication is very high.

If you can get a good price without using your health insurance, it is recommended to do so.

90-Day Prescription

If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes mellitus or a heart condition, you should ask about the 90-day prescription. You will need these drugs for a long time; that is why it is better to get enough of them for the upcoming three months. The prices will be lower than buying the medication when you need it.

Is There a Discount?

It may seem kind of awkward but in fact, it is a good thing to do. According to some reports, pharmacists, even online, tend to help their customers more if they asked for a discount. They may find a coupon, way, or a card for them to lower the prices. They may even offer them one of the discount programs or contact the customer’s health insurance to ask if there is a way to lower the prices.

Browse Online Pharmacies

Checking the website of your community pharmacy is a good way to figure out if they are charging more than usual or not. You can also compare prices and choose the best price for your budget.

Please make sure that the pharmacy is verified and licensed before deciding to place your order. Verified, licensed pharmacies are under the supervision of GPC (General Pharmaceutical Council) and they follow all the procedures to provide you with safe pharmaceutical experience.

Don’t place an order online unless you make sure that the pharmacy is totally safe because you are going to put your personal and financial data in danger if you did.


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