Like with any business, starting in healthcare is all about estimating costs. If you fail to do this, then there’s simply no chance of getting off the ground. You’d overspend and face bankruptcy before profits were possible. But, healthcare professionals face one significant spanner in their costing works; medical equipment.

In modern medicine, the right devices and equipment are essential. Without these, there’s no way you’d be able to offer competitive care. And, if you can’t compete, then there’s no point entering the market. As such, there’s no avoiding the fact that much of your funds should go towards purchases like these.

The trouble is that, when looking into the issue, it becomes clear that estimating costs here isn’t easy. With medical devices, especially, there’s a discrepancy between what providers expect to pay and costs they face. But, why, and what exactly can you do to get around it? is your source for great buys on thousands of medical equipment, surgical and home medical products and supplies. We have over 50,000 products, offering a wide array of brands from leading manufacturers.

The shroud of secrecy

The sales of medical equipment and devices are shrouded in mystery. That’s because this field operates much like that of pharmaceuticals. Outside companies sell to healthcare providers with profit in mind. That’s not surprising given that this is a business in its own right. If companies weren’t pulling profits, they wouldn’t be able to operate. But, the problem comes from the fact that purchasing departments are obliged to keep pricing quiet. This is so that these companies can secure different sales across the board. After all, there’s little chance of you buying top dollar from a salesperson who you know sold for half that price last week. This secrecy has become such an issue that a Harvard survey found that physicians estimated costs wrong around 81% of the time. That’s a serious issue, and it’s one which can make preparing for expenses here incredibly tricky.

The outside factors we forget

Consider, too, that outside costs also come into expenses like these. Far from just buying equipment and devices, insurance for doctors and surgeons is also essential to protect those investments. That’s not to mention the costs which can come into play when repairs are necessary. And, of course, there’s a small risk that device malfunctions could lead to legal fines and compensation claims. These are expenses which are, again, incredibly tricky to predict. Yet, failure to do so makes pulling a profit in this area near enough impossible.


So, those are the problems, but what can you do about them? All you really need to do is research. That way, you stand the best chance at setting aside enough financing here. It’s also well worth shopping around rather than settling on the first medical device sales company you come across. That way, you can use those shifting prices to your benefit by playing companies against each other. That should see you getting the equipment you need at a price which doesn’t put you out of business. And, of course, you should factor in things like insurance well before agreeing on a cost which you can’t afford.