The healthcare sector is a huge industry which has innumerable department catering to different services. Health is one of the most searched topics on Google, but it is extremely competitive to find your results rank.

Now, just like every other industry, there are specific optimization processes that your local SEO company will use to put you forward. We’re here to give you some idea on how healthcare businesses can rank on top so you know what to expect from the agency you tie up with.

Why healthcare business needs SEO?

As per reports by Search Engine Journal, SEO matters by 14.6% to make you rank high on the search engine. This not only includes the number of people who find you online, but also the conversion rate. On the contrary, direct mails and print ads only make an impact of 1.7% in terms of customer conversion.

As mentioned, the healthcare business is extremely competitive and you need the right strategies to make your way up high. People who rank under this niche have great potential to grow. You need SEO strategies irrespective of how small or big your healthcare business is. This sector needs an extensive online presence.

Relying on companies like YEAH! Local will give your healthcare business the right direction. They will not only help you rank but also help you convert your traffic into customers.

Best SEO strategies for healthcare business

If you’re planning to try out SEO strategies yourself or you want to know the basics before approaching an agency, check out some of the easy tips that you will need. These SEO practices can help you if you’re a newbie to the world of digital marketing. It also helps you understand how SEO works and how you start your journey towards practising SEO.

Check out some of the SEO strategies you can try on your own:

Use Google Analytics

One of the smartest and easiest things you can do is downloading and installing Google Analytics. It will help you measure the progress of your website. There are several software types that track and generate statistics for your website traffic. Using Google’s product will not only come to use because it is free, but also because it is legit.

The software will help you determine how well your website works and is a tool for all marketing people. Go through the trials to understand it better and then you can use it to look into the results. The software will help you determine if you’re on the right track or the necessary changes you need to make.

Publish fresh and quality content

There was a time when people used to only focus on keywords and the quality of the content was secondary. However, things have changed now and Google promotes content that adds value to the search engine.

When you’re creating blogs for your website, you need to make your content interesting, engaging, and readable. There are several WordPress guidelines that help you determine the quality of content and you can create the blogs accordingly.

The pieces you write must add value and be unique. You must post at least 3-4 times a week to make this strategy. Keywords are necessary but not the only thing you need for good content.

Give keywords importance

Most search engines, including Google, look at your content from top down. You must add keyword phrases in your heading, subheading, and first paragraph. It will make your content rank high and is an effective way of making articles bring in traffic to the website. You need to use a sufficient amount of keywords and fit them organically instead of stuffing them.

Optimize local search

Most healthcare industries cater to patients one-to-one and not online. You need to consider local optimization to make people near you, reach out to you!

Local optimization refers to using strategies that draw in traffic for your city or local area. For example, if you use keywords like ‘best dentist in Atlanta’ or ‘dental clinic near me’ it will draw in relevant traffic for people who are close to you. The local audience has more chances of conversion rate and they can easily find access to you.

Online reviews

Healthcare sectors need a lot of online reviews, and they must be great to bring in more people to you. It is a feature that allows your patients to rate the quality of service you offered to them. Good reviews can improve your digital marketing base like none other.

When you’re new to the business, you must ask people to add a review either on your Google listing or on your website. Testimonials are essential for this niche especially because it concerns health.


When an ailing individual looks online and wants a quick way to heal his condition, he will need prompt support. If your website fails to give them immediate help, it is of no use to a patient.

Effectiveness of your website will depend on how your target audience navigates to you. Hospitals target people from all walks of life, so your website needs to be well-designed, easy to browse, give them what they need.

You also need to consider how mobile-friendly your website or your app is. That too determines user-friendliness. Most people now use their smartphones for everything. If your app doesn’t support aspects like bookings, cancellation, finding the right doctor, and so on, it will be tough to compete with others in the industry.

Create a site map

A sitemap is the roadmap to determine the site’s hierarchy and helps people find you more easily. When you have a list of things you offer or many services you cater to, you need to use a sitemap. People don’t like reading page after page – they want to navigate to what they need and that makes you look more useful.

Get professional help

SEO is a skill that needs professional experience to make every strategy count. You can always start off alone, but the competitive healthcare market needs every company to offer something different. If you turn to professional help, you will be able to tell them what you need and find them create that for you.

Final thoughts

Irrespective of the competition it is not difficult to find your target audience. Just follow the right steps and make your way up the search engine ranks!