Loneliness, boredom, being treated like a number and with disinterest, lack of motivation, a fear of technology, difficulty with buttons and difficulty engaging with others, are some of the classic issues endemic in care, whatever the care setting. Finding tech-based care solutions is not easy. Most monitor conditions and collect data whilst working in background, such as assistive tech, wearables and telecare, whilst few provide any real interaction with the person or build a lasting relationship that can improve quality of life and wellbeing. Furthermore, up to now, it’s always been a problem to remotely engage with cared for family members and to find tech that continues to be useful as the person cared for progresses from home care to assisted living, from residential to hospital care.

Carers and nurses generally know little about the person and have difficulty engaging in a meaningful way. The result is non-person-centred care and an unengaged care process that impacts on the wellbeing of both the person cared for and their carers.

The RemindMecare founders, Simon Hooper and Etienne Abrahams, experienced the failure of person-centred care with their families and decided to use their tech experience to do something about it. They discovered that better knowing the person, using tech, radically impacts on the care process, wellbeing and even on the bottom line of care businesses. RemindMecare (aka ReMe), is now being used globally by those being cared for, their families, carers and care businesses, to support elder care and cognitive impairment, notably Alzheimer’s and dementia.

ReMe’s mantra is that ‘if you want to be known socially, you use Facebook, for businesses its LinkedIn, but if you want to be known for who you are, by all those you encounter on the care journey, its RemindMecare’.

ReMe – A digital activities solution

ReMe is a portable app/care system that accompanies the consumer from diagnosis to end of life and that in 2019 is certified as being GP prescribable, usable by the NHS and definable as a Digi therapeutic. ReMe currently leads the field in the UK for the provision of Activity-based software and for the collection of the Electronic Life Records data (ELR) set (likes/dislikes, preferences, mood, habits, wellbeing, life today, memories, life story, family and relationships, etc.), both terms first coined by ourselves. ReMe has been principally built to support carer:  engagement through enhanced person-centred care.

ReMe addresses many care problems whilst making caring more fun; delivering digital activities, from reminiscence, cognitive and music therapy, to entertainment and streaming, in an easy to use multi-platform manner, whilst also collecting Electronic Life Records in the background for users to create, plan and personalise activities.

With a built-in communications module that enables text messaging and Skype meetings, and a care circle process that connects family, carers and care organisations, all those involved with the care can connect and contribute.

The key to ReMe is that it not only supports the person cared for at home but can also be used by care businesses; from doctors, wishing to prescribe post diagnosis and elderly care in the community support, to end of life care, such as in the UK’s NHS hospital wards. For, wrapped around the person-centred care and activity tools, are business functions that support the needs of each care sector, such as training, reporting and client acquisition. Therefore, there’s an incentive for care facilities to use ReMe to support their clients’ needs, removing the necessity for repetition of data to each care provider encountered along the care journey.

Importantly, ReMe integrates with other systems, such as care planning software and wearables, so can be part of your chosen ecosystem of care. And, ReMe’s proprietary Alexa care skills (to be launched in May 2019) enable remotely created medication, hydration and general scheduling voice prompted alerts.

ReMe for Business

  • ReMe is the world’s only ‘Activity Based’ care software (not care planning); that records the outcomes of 1:1 and readymade group activities/entertainment, that has a digital activity self-creator tool and across care group activity sharing capability.
  • The digital cognitive stimulation therapy and search based reminiscence tools within ReMe enable bespoke acute dementia care management.
  • An ever-learning profile of the person is built using multi-media content and remote family connectivity; that enhances person-centred care delivery and provides outcomes reporting.
  • The tool captures a unique data set that we call  Electronic Life Records (ELR= likes, dislikes, moods, preferences, habits, well-being, memories, life story, family engagement, etc.)
  • ReMe enables Wellbeing reporting directly through activity provision and outcomes.
  • GDPR Personal Data compliance process, using gamified family enrolment that provides consent based logged access to personal data is built-in to ReMe. In order to suit the US market, HIPAA compliance, although not required, is part of the product road map.
  • ReMe integrates with care planning software evidencing activity delivery to management, families and the care regulatory bodies, such as the CQC in the UK.
  • Integration with other systems and hardware, such as sensory touch tables, robots such as Genie and wearables, enabling data capture to deliver outcomes reporting, is yet another striking feature of this activity-based tool.
  • The Alexa integration is ReMe’s newest feature, offering proprietary Amazon Alexa care skills that put entertainment, therapy and remote care management into the home and care facility residents’ rooms on a voice-activated basis.
  • ReMe provides a client acquisition process improving occupancy and client numbers. The client arrives at the care home with personal content already in ReMe, ready for use by the home.
  • There are improved efficiencies and cost savings, such as reduced carer recording requirements, as data is captured in the background.

ReMe can be as simple or as sophisticated as the user wishes it to be, so it’s being used by 8 to 80-year-olds, carers and local authorities. ReMe has an open API so can be integrated with other systems and the ELR data set can be made available, with permission of both us and users, to other data users. The bottom line is that ReMe saves money, reduces paperwork and gives you more time to spend with residents, more time for fun. And that’s something wanted by everyone.

The ReMe app for Consumers

ReMe can be downloaded from the ReMeLife platform, a source for daily news and healthcare support, entertainment and advice. Consumers can benefit from using ReMe to support caring for their loved ones at home. ReMe offers plenty of features for consumers and is usable anywhere in the world.

  • My Story – Personal profile building
  • Content Upload – Photos, video collation
  • My Music – Playlist creation, music conversation recording
  • My Activities – Activity planning & outcomes recording
  • ReadyMade Activities – Cognitive stimulation, quizzes, games, films, music playlists
  • Activity Creation – Personalised activity creation tool
  • Care Circle Connectivity – Remote family engagement
  • Calendars – Shared family reporting, scheduling & alerts
  • Communications Module – Integrated messaging & Skype
  • Alexa Echo & Google Home Integration – for entertainment and activities
  • ReMe proprietary Alexa skills – including calendar integrations, notifications, medication, hydration alerts & remote monitoring

The app is free to download from the app stores but with a monthly fee (approx. £4/month) for the use of premium features (Less if you take up today’s special offer!). Download the ReMe consumer app today at www.remelife.com

Why are people everywhere using ReMe?

ReMe is risk-free (validated in the UK by the NHS G Cloud, NHS Digital, Orcha and EMIS) and the stored ELR data is securely hosted and not sold to any third parties. Free to download today from the app stores, in-app purchasing of premium features activates chosen functionality, such as the Alexa integration.

On-screen page by page videos explains how to use the system and an online manual and YouTube videos are available, as well as support. ReMe is multicultural in its content capability and multigenerational in usability and requires only broadband access. If you’re a caregiver or in a family care circle, then ReMe’s for you.

ReMe is being used globally and growing fast, from Hong Kong to Delhi, Italy to Australia and is now available in the US.

Further information can be found at www.remelife.com or email to [email protected] For businesses, please visit www.remindmecare.com



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