Choosing a nursing home vs. assisted living facility can be a tough decision. If you suspect any signs of abuse towards your loved one, contact Hughey Law Firm,

If you have a loved one that is elderly, be sure that you help them find the best living arrangement.

This often comes down to choosing a nursing home vs. assisted living facility. Each has its pros and cons, and there are some tips you need to know when making a decision.

Use the following tips to make the best decision possible.

Nursing Homes Offer a Wide Range of Services Around the Clock

When your loved one has a lot of requirements, nursing homes provide an intriguing option.

These facilities are for people who need more hands-on medical care and help with everyday tasks. They’ll have access to nurses and services around the clock.

Many people that live in nursing homes often need help with everything from showering and using the bathroom to feeding themselves. Keep this in mind when deciding between the two different care options.

Assisted Living Facilities are Idea for Residents Seeking More Independence

If your loved one is pretty much able to take care of themselves, they might be better off living in an assisted living facility, rather than a nursing home.

With assisted living, your loved one can live more independently but will still have access to services to help them out. Definitely, give assisted living the nod if your loved one would like to come and go as they please and handle a lot of their day to day tasks.

Consider Your Medical and Assistance Needs

No matter which setup you choose, be sure that the community has access to the best medical care possible.

Find out who the head doctor is and how many nurses and physicians they have on staff. You should also look up the facility to see if they have had any health violations or instances of medical malpractice.

Be sure to also see if there have been any nursing home abuse complaints. When sending your loved one to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you might want to retain a law firm such as Hughey Law Firm, LLC, which deals with abuse cases.

Medical needs aside, look into the social aspects of each facility as well.

Both nursing homes and assisted living facilities have several social activities. People that stay there may have access to everything from seminars on how to run a blog, to rec league sports teams.

Regardless of which you decide on, you’ll need to shop around for the best monthly price.

When choosing assisted living facilities, you will generally have a la carte selections based on the services that you need. Your price will be contingent on the services that you sign up for.

Choosing Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

When considering the differences between choosing a nursing home vs. assisted living, these are the factors that you need to keep in mind.

This way, your loved one can live out their golden years in style — whether they want to retire and relax or build a new brand and business that they can put their passion into.

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