Auxiliary nurse can be called as life support for the people who are bed-ridden due to any reason. Paralytics, victims of road crashes or patients of diseases where the nerve damage is the cause need an assistant to carry out normal activities of a day. Depending upon the severity of the situation the person is in, an auxiliary nurse may require adjusting person in the nursing bed or to shift the body from the bed to wheelchair, clear bedpans and so on. Thus, an enormous amount of dedication, compassion and passion for patient care is required in addition to having expertise in certain medical procedures and life-saving techniques, if one wants to become an auxiliary nurse.

Qualifications for becoming an Auxiliary Nurse

 Degree in Nursing is a pre-requisite for the job of an auxiliary nurse. But, you should also be qualified in patient care, health care and certain life-saving procedures. Some knowledge about chiropractor jobs and the physiotherapy routines is a plus for this job.

Salary of an auxiliary nurse

An auxiliary nurse is easily absorbed in institutions like healthcare centres, super speciality hospitals, old age homes, assisted living settings and other senior living assistance providing organizations and sometimes as private help too. The salary of the auxiliary nurses depends upon the kind of setting in which they are working. According to the Federal Rules, the auxiliary nurse can expect around 15k USD as their annual salary as fresher. The increments are subject to the performance of the candidate and are according to the payment norms set by the Government authorities. If you are working for a person privately, you must be aware of your salary structure as per the prevailing market and strike the best deal.

Basic duties of an auxiliary nurse 

An auxiliary nurse’s duties vary as per the condition of the patient. If the person is immobile from the most part of the body, the nurse may require providing assistance in:

  1. Daily ablutions
  2. Change of clothes, bed essentials
  3. Eating meals
  4. Taking medicines as per schedule
  5. Visiting doctor as recommended
  6. Changing bandages, and doing other nursing activities

Basically, the candidates need to prepare to be the limbs of a person when choosing to work as an auxiliary nurse. There are various health conditions and accidental traumas that leave the victim incapacitated for life and it is the duty of the auxiliary nurses to keep the lives of such victims in order.

Ways to apply for an auxiliary nurse 

After the completion of the course that trains the candidates as auxiliary nurses, they may get placed directly to the organizations through campus placement program. They may also choose to apply directly to hospitals, and other healthcare and assisted living institutes. It is advisable to supplement the application with the cover letter stating the expertise as well as your relevance to the job.

So, if you find solace in helping the needy and dependent people and the lives of the people are the most precious thing to you above anything else; then you can find ultimate job satisfaction in the profile of an auxiliary nurse.