Did you know that assisted living can actually help boost your health? It’s true. Read on to learn about the top health benefits of assisted living.

There are about 40 million people over the age of 65 living in America today. In the next 20 years, about 75 million people will join the ranks of the older population. That means there will be a higher need for proper communities for seniors to live in.

Many seniors detest the idea of living dependently with younger family members. Others already depend on other family members, but it’s not an ideal situation for either party. It’s great that family members are caring for their older family members, but not a healthy situation.

There are many benefits to assisted living facilities, namely that medical professionals are available 24/7. Are your older family members watched by trained professionals at all times? These assisted living facilities help restore the independence of the elderly while reducing improving their everyday health.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider having this conversation with family today:

Top Benefits of Assisted Living

These benefits are in no particular order. Remember to do your research on assisted living facilities. All benefits should emphasize independent living conditions for the elderly.

Daily Quality Care

Many seniors will not admit it, but they probably need daily routine assistance. Assisted living facilities offer opportunities for older people to improve their health, hygiene, and mood. Getting help with getting dressed, bathing themselves, taking care of finances, and meal prep is huge.

These are tasks often taken on by family members, but they shouldn’t have to.

Accessible Activities

Staying active and involved within their own community is important for seniors. As soon as that bridge is blocked, they start experiencing difficulty with their state of mental health. Social and physical activities are the major benefits of assisted living facilities.

Proper Diet

It’s important that the elderly do not eat the same type of junk foods that they did when they were young. The body is at a higher risk of vitamin deficiencies as we get older. Plus, seniors with on-set forms of dementia often skip meals.

Having a nutrition plan and a good variety of foods to eat can greatly improve senior quality of life. Seniors with special diets can easily adhere to them with the help of trained chefs at assisted living facilities.

Social Healing

Seniors that communicate with their own age and form lasting friendships live longer. Daily conversations with other people help stave off degenerative diseases. This brain plasticity is the real fountain of youth.

They will also have less exposure to the daily animosity towards them from the youth. This is a sad reality for many seniors, as generational divides widen.

Getting Around More

Seniors losing their ability to drive on their own is a big deal. Losing that form of independence can lead to spiraling depression. In an assisted living facility, seniors won’t need to depend on family or friends to go where they wish.

Transportation allows them to get out and enjoy shopping, walking in the park, beaches, and so forth. This keeps the roads safer for both them and other drivers.

Friendly Competition

When you get older, you don’t lose that fire of competitiveness. Assisted living facilities offer plenty of healthy opportunities to compete. Whether the name of the game is bingo, chess, or shuffleboard, the competition is fierce.

Variety is the spice of life and nothing keeps things spicier than a little competition. Go ahead, try to take the crown from grandpa on his own turf.

No House Chores

Do you imagine yourself getting up every day when you’re retired, doing chores? Is that something you’d ever look forward to doing? Not to mention, many elderly people aren’t healthy enough to do them well.

Bad backs, hips, and arthritis make basic household chores painful. For families that take care of seniors, these chores extend to cleaning up after them and washing all their clothes/beddings/linens. Assisted living facilities help relieve this burden of busy work and allow seniors to focus on enjoying their days.

Affordable Options

It is often misunderstood that assisted living facilities are inaccessible to poor seniors. This is more true with hospice and nursing home units. In-home care options are even more costly and aren’t 24/7.

Assisted living communities are flexible in cost with the type of care that is needed. These services are commonly covered by most insurance plans, including partial insurance coverage.

Retirement in Peace

Providing a separate community for seniors who need help living their best lives is wonderful. When it comes to living with family or friends, seniors may be subjected to a lot of stressors. Whether it is intentional or not, seniors should not have to go through stressful events.

In an assisted living community, there is a lot less drama. Sure, there are relationship problems, as with any age, but they’re not the same. Seniors have the wisdom to avoid escalations and drama.

Without the attachments of financial or physical burdens from having to depend on family or friends, seniors can truly retire in peace.

Find Their ‘Happy Place’

The benefits that seniors experience from joining an assisted living facility extend to those around them. For the workers in the facility, this is a very fulfilling job that they take pride in. For the family and friends, their happiness is shared through knowing their loved ones are being taken care of.

As we stated in the beginning, it is your job to research and find a proper home for your loved ones. Make sure they’re happy with the choice and aren’t thrown into it without feeling things out. If they can see themselves living there and trust the staff, then they’re in good hands. Contact us for help in finding that place.

When the time comes to say goodbye to an older family member, feel good knowing that they spent their last years surrounded by their peers and people who are invested in their well-being.