It should be easy to feel a sense of confidence when you visit a professional like a doctor. These people have spent a huge amount of their lives working to get into their positions and their entire career centers around the idea of keeping people healthy. Of course, though, stories are often told of doctors who have given bad advice. Whether you’ve had a good or bad experience in the past, hearing other people’s negative thoughts will always make something like this daunting, and this post is going to be exploring the mistakes a doctor can make.


One of the most common issues a doctor can face is a misdiagnosis of a disease or condition. When they make a mistake like this, they will often give you the wrong treatment for it, and this means that the actual issue will stick around. In a lot of cases, this will be completely fine, and the doctor can address the issue when you next see them. In others, though, a misdiagnosis could lead to death, with some health conditions spreading and becoming far worse as time goes along.

This sort of error usually occurs when the condition you’re suffering from is very similar to something else. If you have a rare issue, you will be more likely to have to go through this, with the troubleshooting process a doctor has to go through lasting weeks. Of course, though, you don’t have to stick with one doctor through this process; you can talk to as many as you like. Getting a second opinion can help to iron out a misdiagnosis, with a more experienced doctor having a higher chance to spotting the real issue.

Incorrect Prescriptions

When a doctor identifies a condition which they can treat, they will usually prescribe some sort of medication to help the process along. In some cases, this will do all of the legwork, wiping out the issue which you’re facing. In others, though, it may just be to help the work which you have to do for yourself. Either way, it will well and truly muck things up if your doctor gives you the wrong prescription. A lot of medical treatments have severe side effects which are only worth it to get rid of a condition, and this means that taking them by accident can be very bad news.

An issue like this can come about quite easily, and it often isn’t the doctor’s fault whatsoever. If they have prescribed the wrong medication, you will have grounds to take legal action against them, as this is a serious breach of their code of conduct. Sometimes, though, it could be the pharmacy employees who have made a mistake, and this is far more forgivable. In this case, you will have to decide what action you’d like to take, with most surgeries being happy to make things right without having to go through the courts.

Botched Surgery

This next area is something which a lot of people are afraid of. Thankfully, though, surgery sessions usually go well, and it’s very rare that something will go wrong as the result of the doctor making a mistake. If you find yourself waking up from surgery with more wrong than when you went it, you can assume that the person who was working on you either doesn’t have the right credentials to be doing their job or that their team failed to notice something which should have been addressed.

Of course, there have been cases in the past where people have been injured or killed when their surgeon has made a bad move. This is incredibly rare, though, and most of the deaths which occur on the operating table are as the result of a complication which couldn’t have been planned for. If you have gone through this or know someone who has been hurt in surgery, it will be worth talking to a legal professional to see what they can do for you, as this sort of issue shouldn’t be left ignored.

Taking Action

To answer the question in the title of this post; no, a doctor isn’t always right. Unfortunately, despite the hard and incredible work they do, professionals like this are only human, and it’s easy for mistakes to be made. Of course, though, these mistakes may be small for the doctor themselves but could impact you for the rest of your life, and this makes it crucial that you take the right kind of action to get what you deserve. You can find some examples of the routes you can take when you’re looking for this below.

Talk To The Doctor: Given that they care about their role, most doctors will be eager to talk about any issues you’ve faced with them. They will want to make things right, and not just because going to court will cost them money, but because they’ve built a reputation which hinges on their success. It could have a serious impact on their career if you go straight to the legal team.

Get Legal Support: If the doctor is unwilling to help you out, it will be time to learn more about medical malpractice. The laws are different everywhere, but this can be solved with a little bit of research, and most legal professionals will be happy to talk you through the steps you’re going to have to take. Having to get legal help is never a fun process, but will be worth it if the doctor won’t help to solve a problem which they have caused.

You shouldn’t let this post stop you from seeing the doctor. The very worst thing to do with a medical condition is let it sit and wait, as this will usually make them worse, making the concerns you have about your doctor quite small in comparison. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that you should have to suffer from bad treatment, either, and looking for a new professional to support you is an option which everyone has.