If we talk about today’s scenario, there are many people are not familiar with the word “Marijuana”. They don’t even know about its origin, its benefits its use, etc. If you are the one who wants to explore more about Marijuana then this article is for you. All the information and interesting facts about marijuana you will get after reading this article. So, let’s get first started with the origin of this weed.  According to research, the first use of marijuana is mentioned in a Chinese medical manual dating back to around 2700B.C. The Chinese legend states use weed for various health ailments such as rheumatism, gout, malaria, etc.

There is no doubt that marijuana cure ample of health issues starting from healing chronic pain to solving the problems related to cancer. Apart from this one more fact is linked to this weed and that is “weed can cause your heart to beat fast” shocked? But it is totally true that usage of weed can increase your heartbeat which can harm you.

The side effect of using marijuana are mentioned below:

Overdose of marijuana can raise your heartbeat dramatically

According to reports, the usage of marijuana can level up the heart rate up to 100% It actually takes place right after smoking the weed.

The usage of marijuana can lead to irregular heartbeats

According to some famous cardiologist, the regular usage of marijuana can badly affect your heart rate which may result in cardiac arrest.

Smoking marijuana can weaken your overall heart

Not only the usage of marijuana impact on your heart rate but it is also responsible to weaken the functioning of your heart. According to studies it slows down pumping your heart. So, if you want to be away from the issues of heart then stop using marijuana so much.

Heart damage

According to study people who use smoking pot have a higher chance of getting stroke as compared to those who didn’t use marijuana.

Well, here is not the list of side effects of marijuana ends there is many more lists. The biggest and most horrifying thing about using marijuana is people easily gets addicted towards it. And we all know that too much of addiction of anything is not good at all. If you think you are suffering from the addiction of using weed then it is high time to stop it or control it.

Using marijuana not only harm your heart but overdosing of marijuana make you suffer from memory loss, some anxiety disorders, lung problems, paranoia, and what. And once you got addicted towards using marijuana the addiction will only increase there is no any other way to control it. Now it’s all up to you to take marijuana in small quantity. Understanding the field of marijuana is not easy as people think so before you use it, know all the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana and start taking it and enjoy!