Taking care of one’s health should be everyone’s priority. It’ll be very challenging for anyone to accomplish tasks every day and seize opportunities in life if they have poor health. How can you excel at work if you’re always sick? Do you think you can meet deadlines if you have poor health? Aside from incorporating regular exercise to your daily routine, paying attention to what you eat also helps. Remember that the foods you eat can significantly affect your overall health and susceptibility to common illnesses and diseases.

If you’re looking for easy ways to improve your overall health, consider sticking to a keto diet. This meal plan will require you to eat foods that are high in fat but very low in carbs. The keto diet is known to provide countless health benefits because it can reduce the body’s carbohydrate intake and replace it with healthy fats. This will enable the body to burn fat faster and convert it into energy.

Are you a picky eater trying to stick to the keto diet? We found seven tempting keto recipes that everyone will love. The variety of these recipes will make it very easy for you to start a keto diet because you can easily create meals that suit your lifestyle and budget. This means that regardless of how busy you are, you can still enjoy keto-friendly snacks!

Are you experiencing elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, or weight? Your physician may prescribe a keto diet. There are many options for keto recipes for picky eaters. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can still follow this diet and improve your health.

What Is a Keto Diet?

keto diet involves eating a diet containing 70 to 80% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrate. Your body changes from burning glucose from carbohydrates to burning ketones from fat. Results of this diet:

  • Metabolism speeds up
  • Hunger decreases
  • Muscle mass increases
  • Blood pressure and heart disease risk profiles improve

Fat does not raise your insulin level, but, carbohydrates and protein do. This causes the body to burn more and store less fat.

The ketogenic diet is a medical diet. Always talk with your doctor before beginning a new diet.

7 Keto Recipes for Picky Eaters

At first, start with small gradual changes and allow time for adjustment. Create a positive atmosphere. Review these helpful keto tips:

Limit Sugar From Your Diet

Many foods that we consider healthy are high in sugar.

  • YogurtSubstitute plain yogurt for sour cream, vegetable oil, butter, heavy cream, buttermilk, mayonnaise.
  • Salad dressing-You can now find keto-friendly salad dressings at the grocery store. Keto-friendly salad dressings come in a wide variety of options, so make sure to try out several brands to determine which flavor is your favorite. Make sure to use different vegetables and spices in creating your salads, so you can savor the flavors of these salad dressings.
  • Granola bars-Try low sugar granola bars or cereals until you can eliminate them from your diet. These are healthy snacks that are accessible almost anywhere.
  • Beef Jerky: With the number of people who are following the keto diet, it’s easy for you to find brands that sell keto-friendly snacks. Ember Snacks, for example, is a great option because it offers biltong, a snack similar to beef jerky but is actually keto-friendly and healthy!

Start slowly and keep working toward that sugar-free sugar diet.


Start your day off right without cereal than can be 50% sugar by weight. Eat things like eggs, cheese, sausage, low carb waffles, or bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon?

Low Carb or Carb Free-Sandwiches

Here are ideas for low carb alternatives to bread:

  • Lettuce wraps
  • Cold meat wraps
  • Low carb pizza waffles
  • Low carb tortillas

Look for low-sugar peanut butter and jelly.

Cut out Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Most of us get tired of just water. Try low sugar and diluted juices at first. Eventually, stop buying any sugary drinks which often account for the most sugar in the diet.

Vitamin waters are advertised as a healthy alternative to soft drinks. The truth is they contain up to 8 teaspoons of sugar in 20 oz. Try looking for no-sugar options.

Having coffee is part of our culture now. Try to find the lowest sugar options or stick to black coffee.

Pasta Options

Everyone loves pasta. You can still enjoy pasta dishes with a twist. Add sugar-free pasta to these low-carb and low-sugar pasta options:

  • Black bean pasta
  • Palmini pasta
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Zoodles (zucchini-based noodles)

Give yourself time to get used to new textures and flavor combinations.

Easy Low Carb Chili

Chili recipes come in many varieties. Make your chili with those secret spices. Include meat or meat substitute. Adding low-carb vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes add color. Top it off with melted cheese and sour cream.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Keto Vanilla Berry Mug Cake.


  • 1 tbsp butter, melted
  • 2 tbsp cream cheese – full fat
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 tbsp granulated sweetener of choice or 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ¼ tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg, medium
  • 6 frozen raspberries


  1. Place butter and cream cheese in a mug
  2. Microwave on HIGH for 20 seconds
  3. Add coconut flour, sweetener, vanilla, and baking powder
  4. Mix well
  5. Add egg and mix again
  6. Scrape down sides of the mug
  7. Press raspberries into the cake batter
  8. Microwave on HIGH for 1:20 minutes.

Enjoy your dessert without the guilt. For additional delicious dessert options check out these 5 Keto Shake recipes!

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