There are many ways for you to ensure that you recover better from a motorcycle accident, but one of the best is through hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. But for you to achieve the best results, you must also be in the hands of the best lawyers. To sift through your options, you have to ask all your questions and immediately lay your cards down the table. Read below for a list of the questions that you should ask your motorcycle accident lawyer.

What do you think are the maximum benefits I am entitled to?

Are you entirely confident that you are fully aware of the maximum benefits that you are entitled to should you figure into a motorcycle accident? If the answer is no, then you must hire a lawyer. However, you have to ask your lawyer the same question, too, so that you have a comparison point among the numerous lawyers that you’re eyeing to hire. Pick the one that presents the best and maximum benefits for you. A big part of your recovery process will have to do with making sure that you also have the best benefits that you are entitled to. Why would you pay for a medical service if this was something you can claim from the insurance company of the negligent party? Why settle for this type of service or hospital when you are, in fact, entitled to better benefits?

When looking for the best motorcycle accident lawyer, it is now easy for you to get a hold of their representatives through their websites, all thanks to technology. You can visit websites like for advice about your motorcycle accident.

Do you have all the legal requirements to operate?

 An accident is already a stressful enough situation to be in, let alone having to deal with a lawyer who isn’t qualified. Before you hire a lawyer, ask about their credentials first, and other legal permits to hold a law office. When you are prudent enough to do this, you are better assured that you aren’t just dealing with a lawyer who is merely scamming you.

Be sure to ask about the following:

  • Diploma from law school
  • Certification from the bar society of your country or state
  • Legal permit to open up a law firm
  • Other certifications and training to show that the lawyer is indeed an expert in motorcycle law 

Can you give me access to the best medical care possible for my case?

Of course, it is your team of doctors who will be working to give you the best recovery possible. But you cannot have the best if you do not even know what you deserve. Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are often severe, which makes it challenging for you to make medical decisions on your own. You’re in luck as, nowadays, medical treatments have become more advanced, all thanks to technology. If you can claim the right medical treatments, you have a higher chance of a faster recovery.

Examples of common injuries resulting from motor accidents and their corresponding medical treatment include:

  • Spinal injuries, through NeuroStimulation Therapy
  • Head trauma, through advanced brain surgery
  • Broken bones, through the implanting of internal fixation devices
  • Paralysis, through more advanced physical therapy

Your lawyer is there to help you out from day one until the time you leave the hospital by making sure that you have the best medical care possible with the help of technology. If, for example, a doctor or hospital refuses a particular procedure that is more technologically advanced and better for your recovery due to payment issues, it is your lawyer who can study and allege that from the vantage point of liabilities and damages, you are entitled to all the medical care possible necessary for your recovery.

Are you fully aware of the legal processes of my case?

When asserting your claims for damages, you can rest assured that it is your lawyer who will bring your claims, and your case, from step one to its final settlement. Knowledge of the legal processes is very important, as you wouldn’t want to be barred later on from any of your claims simply because you have already gone way beyond the prescribed period for filing. Legal processes are usually time-bound and are document-based. If your lawyer is not well-versed in this manner, you are only going to be wasting your time.

However, not all lawyers may be fully equipped with the faculties and capabilities to go through the best legal process for you. Hence, from the first day, it is very important for you to level with your lawyer. Be sure that you are entrusting your case to a lawyer who really knows the ins and outs of a motorcycle accident and not just claims to.


After you meet an accident, you will want to ensure that you take good care of your well-being first. You have to take it easy and give yourself the chance to recover well. Poor recovery can mean that it will take you a much longer time to get back to your daily routine, or can even mean severe after-effects later on. The questions enumerated above are important in getting the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Watertown in order to properly recover from your accident and get the best resolution for your case.

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