In a medical practice or business, the health of your customers is a top priority. You want the people you serve to trust you and to come back whenever they’re in need. You want to design a doctor’s office that makes a patient feel at ease, and makes them feel like they’re in a healthy place that’ll allow them to recover. All in all, you want an interior design scheme that promotes good health, and really goes the extra mile to help your patients feel better. 

Well, there are quite a few steps involved in designing a room like this. Below are a couple of the most important. The way our environment looks really can do wonders for both our physical and mental health!

Bright Walls Encourage Hygiene

If the walls of your medical practice are painted in bright, clean looking colors, the patients who visit are going to feel a lot more hygienic as they sit and wait for treatment. And not only that – in turn, the feeling of hygiene is going to promote better personal hygiene. Those handy antibacterial dispensers you’ve dotted around the walls are definitely going to get used! 

For a very long time, we’ve associated bright colors like red with danger, and as a warning not to enter. So, it’s best to avoid this side of the spectrum as you decorate. But bright colors, like greens and yellows and light blues, definitely tip patients in favor of washing their hands. They can also help a patient to think they’re sitting in a clean environment that’s not going to make them any sicker – soothing the mental complexity of illness is often half the battle. 

Easy to Clean Floors Means Less Germs

If the floors you’re walking on and rushing over are easy to clean, and made of a material that doesn’t soak up bodily fluids and outside materials, you’re going to be working in a much more peaceful and clean environment. Even just removing the carpeted areas up and down the stairs of a medical practice can lower the chances of germs!

So it might be a good idea to reach out to some flooring companies, to see what they can do for you. You want a resistant, anti slip material that won’t absorb any bugs or germs that might be in a person’s sweat or in the hair that naturally falls from their head, and consulting with a professional will make sure you see results. 

You might even find it a lot easier to clean at the end of the day, with a floor surface that mops and brushes glide easily over, and one that sparkles after being sprayed with disinfectant. 

Interior design really can promote better health, so make sure you’re looking into how to change a person’s perception of their environment. And don’t forget, there’s a lot of physical health benefits to moves like these, so if you’re trying to set up a medical practice, budget these into your business plan as well!