Choosing a dentist for your family is one of the most crucial decisions that you will ever have to make. Just like your health, this is a matter that you shouldn’t take lightly. When you find a good dentist, it is akin to creating a good relationship that you will have to nurture and take care of. When you are lucky enough to find a good one, you will stay with each other for years to come.

But before you can find the right dentist, you will have to go through the initial phase of asking questions. To help you lay out the right questions, here’s a list:

What is the current state of my oral health, and how can I improve it?

Just because you are going to hire a dentist doesn’t mean that you can be negligent about your oral health. A lot of the work also depends on you to make your oral health in the best condition it should be in. As you start your hunt for the best dentist, such as the medical practitioners from Ostrem Dental, one of the most important questions you can ask is about the current state of your oral health. This will give you an overall idea as to which dentist is patient and caring enough to provide you with an in-depth explanation regarding your possible concerns.

Some concerns that might be covered include:

  • How best to brush and floss your teeth, and if you are doing it correctly
  • If you have any damaged teeth that need more care and attention
  • What is the best toothbrush or toothpaste to use for the current state of your gums and teeth

What is your area of specialization?

Especially if you are looking for a family dentist, you need to reach out to a dental hygienist agency so that you can hire an expert in that field. You cannot just hire any dentist out of the blue. For instance, you may be coming in for the needs of your children, but that dentist doesn’t specialize in that area. As much as possible, choose a dentist who can cater to all the members of your family, so you do not have to keep switching from one appointment to another in different locations.

Do you accept dental insurance?

If your current health insurance has coverage for dental concerns, then it is best if you discuss it with the dentist and ask about this upfront. Why pay hundreds of dollars for each appointment if this is already covered in your health insurance? Ask if your dentist accepts this, or if they’re affiliated with the coverage you have. If not, perhaps that dentist can be a stepping-stone for you to ask if they know of any other dentist who accepts the health insurance coverage that you possess.

Are you kid-friendly?

Good oral hygiene should begin early. If you have kids, one of the most crucial questions to ask is about the pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are knowledgeable and skilled in caring for and treating children’s gums and teeth. Also, regularly visiting a child-friendly dental facility and staff will make it easier to maintain good oral health. When your kids are comfortable visiting the dentist, they’ll likely continue to practice good dental care with the help of a dental hygienist as they become adults.

Do you handle dental emergencies?

Before choosing a dental clinic, you’ll also want to ask if they handle dental emergencies. While your dental checkups are usually scheduled, there are times when you’ll need emergency dental care services. What’s considered a dental emergency? In general, a dental problem that requires urgent treatment is a dental emergency. If you suffer from severe pain, bleeding, or need to save a tooth, you’ll need a dental clinic that offers emergency dental care. You’ll never know when you’ll require the services of an emergency dentist. Please verify with the dental clinic how you can get in touch with them; immediate action is necessary to address swelling or severe pain in the mouth and gum areas. Remember that not all dental clinics offer such services, so it’s best to ask first.

Are you up-to-date with the latest technologies in dental health?

Often, medical practitioners have portfolios to show their would-be clients. You will want to know if the dentist you are talking to comes in highly recommended or not. Through their portfolio, you can also further know whether or not they are up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in dental care. If you are looking for a dentist for a dental procedure, you can also ask to see before and after photos of clients who have had the same procedure done.

  • Technological advancements, such as improved veneers, have made dental procedures give out better results, too, such as better-looking dental implants.
  • Laser dentistry, which takes away the need for the over-use of anesthesia and pain relief for procedures such as checking for cavities and solving them
  • Digital X-ray machines, whereby the radiation that is emitted is lower

Here, you can determine whether or not you are going to be satisfied with the service that the dentist is going to give you.

What are your clinic hours?

Asking about the operating hours of a clinic is one of the most overlooked questions, but it happens to be one of the most important. You have to make it a point to ask about the office hours of the dentist so you’ll have an overall idea of whether or not their clinic hours fit your schedule. You don’t want to be disappointed and later on find out that your schedule doesn’t match with that of the dentist’s, and that making an appointment would only be very difficult for you.


If you think that your oral health is but a minor concern, you are wrong. It has to be given just as much importance as all the other areas of your health. While going to dentists may seem expensive for some, you can actually save on costs in the future if you find the right one. Choosing the right dentist is a proactive approach to maintaining good and healthy teeth early on. With this list of questions to guide you, now you are a step closer towards finding the right dentist.


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