Buying allergy medicine and Kleenex is not the only thing you should do during allergy season. Keep reading for 8 essential tips for surviving allergy season.

Are you unsure of what to do about allergies?

Allergies can be a hassle to deal with, especially during spring when pollen is flying all over the place. Allergies can make a person not want to do anything and cause them uncontrollable sneezing, itching, and a swollen face.

If you want to know how to deal with allergies, there are several steps you can take to prevent them or control them. With a bit of precaution, you’ll be on your way to having a normal life again.

Continue reading to receive 8 tips for surviving allergy season.

Find Out if It’s Truly Allergies

Many people confuse having a minor sickness with allergies. The switch between cold and warm weather can give people colds and viruses that share similar symptoms with allergies.

Here are some ways to tell that you actually have allergies:

  • Congestion lasts for several weeks
  • Itchy eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Thin and clear mucus
  • Worsened symptoms after being somewhere
  • No aches

If you find that you are sneezing more often after been at the park, you most likely have allergies. Most symptoms of colds disappear with a week, so be on the lookout if you have them longer than that.

Take Advantage of Pharmacies

When it comes to bad allergies or any sickness, a pharmacy is your best friend. They’re conveniently located, don’t require appointments to visit, and they have professionals that can give you advice on medication.

Pharmacies are filled with decongestants and antihistamines to help with allergies by soothing a stuffy nose and itchiness. There are several brands that you can try if one doesn’t work, and there are also various dosages.

If one brand of the medication doesn’t work, you should try switching to another one. Some brands use different combinations of drugs, so try to find one that works for you.

Another benefit of pharmacies is that you can access medication online. An online pharmacy will allow you to view a wider catalog than a store can offer, and you can easily compare brands with one another.

Try Saltwater

Saltwater is an alternative to medicine if you don’t like taking it. With saltwater, you can gargle it to soothe your throat. You can also use salt to make a saline nasal spray.

The nasal spray is useful for cleaning the bacteria out of your nasal passages and restoring moisture if your nose is dry. If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy saline nasal spray over-the-counter.

Change Clothes When You Get Home

As you go throughout your day, several allergens will buildup on your clothing. This can cause the allergens to travel into your home with you. When you get home, you should immediately remove the clothing and take a shower.

It’s better if you have a restroom with a shower near your entrance so you can change without walking through the house too much. You should also remove your shoes the moment you get into the house.

If you have any animals, be sure to clean their fur and paws when they come back inside. Allergens can easily stick to them because of their thick fur.

Exercise Indoors

One downside of being allergic is not being able to go outside as often. However,’ you can still get the exercise that you need by working out indoors.

It’s not hard to build a home gym, and there’s plenty of gym gear that you can get. Transforming your basement into a gym will allow you to do as much as you could at your local gym.

Don’t fret because if pollen counts aren’t high, you can still go outside and exercise. But you should just stay indoors if they are high.

Keep Windows Closed

You want to make sure that your windows remain closed because wind can carry allergens into your home. This will defeat the purpose of changing, cleaning your dog, and working out inside.

Keeping your windows closed will prevent the pollen from entering. If you’re allergic to things like dust, you can do the opposite and open up your windows. Leaving your windows open with a fan running will get the allergens from dust out!

Wear a Mask Outside

Wearing a mask outside is something that’s commonly done in places like Japan. They do this to prevent sickness and allergies. If your allergies are bad enough, you should consider wearing a KN95 Mask when you head out.

These masks will prevent dust and pollen from entering your respiratory system. They create a barrier between your face and outside forces. You can even invest in stylish ones if you don’t want to look like a surgeon.

Don’t Brush Off the Symptoms

Many people brush off the symptoms of allergies because they think it’s a cold that will pass. If you have any symptoms, you should be on your toes because it’s possible that you could have a bad allergic reaction.

When you are having symptoms, you should take the precautions listed to prevent further symptoms. You should also rest to ensure that you regain your energy. Constantly doing things while being “sick” will make you feel worse.

Be Ready for Allergy Season

With these tips, you will be ready for allergy season and all of the troubles that it usually brings. If you use the advice on this list, you will be a lot better at dealing with allergies.

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