Cosmetic surgery has advanced in ways that people could never have imagined. When people talk about cosmetic surgery years ago, they always envisioned procedures that are painful and difficult to recover from. In today’s advanced technology, however, so many improvements have been made. Not only have old procedures improved, but new ones have been invented in order to make cosmetic surgery better and more appealing to everybody. is one of the renowned platforms that help people find the best cosmetic surgery clinic around the world.

Technology has revolutionized medicine, and cosmetic surgery is one area that has some of the best and biggest changes, which clinics like Absolute Makeover implement for safer and better outcomes. Here are some procedures that are innovative, safe, very effective:

Endoscopic facelift

Traditional facelifts scare a lot of people. The doctor needs to make an incision from your temples to the back of the ears. Most people are put off by this because the chances of it scarring are high, especially for those whose skin easily form keloid scars. They would rather pay for expensive creams that may or may not work.

Today, facelifts are more improved. The endoscopic facelift requires only a very tiny incision which is around 4mm-5mm. These incisions are made on the scalp and on the temples. The endoscope is then inserted and it does what is necessary to complete the surgery. The incisions that the surgeon makes are very subtle and can heal perfectly. The risk of permanent numbness on the face is reduced and the results are better.


There has always been controversy surrounding the topic of liposuction. Many have pointed out that it is not safe even though it has been proven to be safe a long time ago. Liposuction involves an invasive procedure that takes out your body fat in solid form. After the procedure, a patient’s body needs a lot of time to heal because of the trauma it has experienced.

Smartlipo, the newest technology used to take out fat, is a non-invasive procedure. It uses a laser technology the burns the body fat and it goes out in the liquid form. With this procedure, the body is less traumatized so it recovers faster. Smartlipo is non-invasive, which makes it very appealing to almost everybody.

Laser skin resurfacing

Almost everybody wants to have better skin, especially on the face. As people grow older, there will be changes in the skin. There will be wrinkles, some have sun damage due to prolonged exposure under the sun, especially in summer, acne, and just the normal aging process. However, all these can be improved and there should be no shame in wanting to have nicer skin.

Laser skin resurfacing is also a non-invasive procedure that uses laser technology. It counteracts the effects of aging by removing one skin layer at a time. When your skin heals itself, it will produce new skin cells that will make you look younger and your face tighter. This procedure appeals to many, especially women who are very conscious about their face.

Breast augmentation using fat transfer

Breast augmentation has been around for ages. Surgeons normally make large incisions so that an implant, which is usually made of silicone, can be inserted. However, there has been negative feedback about this procedure and many debates about its safety nowadays. There are dangers of inserting a foreign object such as silicone in the body.

The new procedure now involves performing breast augmentation using the patient’s own fat. This is called the fat transfer method. A few weeks before the procedure, an external expander will be worn by the patient in order to create a vacuum in the breast area. On the day of the procedure, the surgeon will take out fat from one area of your body through liposuction and then transfer it into the breasts through injection.

This procedure is non-invasive so the trauma caused on the body is minimal and there will be no scarring. Surgeons use very small needles when they inject the fat back into the breasts. This is great for women who want to increase their breast size a bit, but not for those who want a significant increase.


Cosmetic surgery has been around for ages, and with great technological advancements, the procedures are much safer and more effective than ever. The good news is that technology just keeps advancing in order to provide people with better options.

If you are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, you should go ahead and talk to a specialist. Gone are the days when people judge you for wanting to defy the natural process of aging or wanting to change your appearance. Do what makes you feel good and happy.


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