It’s a rare occurrence to not see the words hemp and CBD lately, with the passing of the farm bill and legalization of hemp in the recent months and years, it’s everywhere again, and companies are making a tremendous amount of health hemp products and CBD products. From clothing to hempcrete, to hemp oil and hemp muscle recovery balms, it is being well integrated into mainstream markets, rapidly.

From a seemingly simple plant, a plethora of products are made and marketed to make our lives better, healthier, easier and longer. There is growing, though short-term by comparison, research on the effects of hemp, though it is hard to deny its reach thus far, as well as its ability to be a reliable alternative to harsher products that are not beneficial to the earth and soil to grow on a mass scale.

How can you integrate hemp products into your practice? Once you’ve done your due diligence and research, you might learn that many patients can benefit from these products as alternatives to medications and other options that have lists of unsavory side effects. From arthritis to sore muscles, inflammation and IBS, insomnia to PMS, to name a few health challenges hemp can help with, people everywhere are benefiting from this relatively new line of options, that weren’t available to us, just a few short years ago.

Choose the company and product line that resonates with you. Whether you want a stock on hand, or want to play it safe and have your patients order their on their own, you’ll want to do research of available products and companies, to choose the one that seems the best option for you and your patience. The quality of the ingredients, price point of the product, and sustainability of the company’s model are things to consider before making your selection.

Choosing the right products for your patients will depend upon what their needs are, whether they suffer from ailments mentioned above, or others that are more serious in nature like epilepsy, you might find hemp products and CBD oil to be just the help they’ve been needing.