We have all been there: one quiet drinks turn into a night on the town, and before you know it, you’ve woken up with the world’s worst headache and half a kebab sleeping next to you. You drink litres of water, take some painkillers, try to stomach some food…anything to get over the dreaded hangover! But, what you should do is have a cup of Matcha organic green tea. 

A hangover is a chemical reaction that occurs in the brain after drinking too much alcohol. And, needless to say, this chemical reaction can leave you feeling worse than imaginable. If you find that this is a feeling you’re battling all of the time, you should definitely look into sober living homes. For the odd occasion now and again; luckily, this is where Matcha green tea comes in. 

It contains three miracle ingredients that will bring you back to your best quicker than expected. The ingredients are chlorophyll, antioxidants, and caffeine. What’s more, Matcha is a natural hangover remedy, so you won’t be fighting your hangover by putting more chemicals into your body. But, what is it about the three ingredients above that help you to overcome your hangover? Well, chlorophyll helps to restore your body’s natural balance. Antioxidants work by cleaning out the toxins in your body while also protecting your brain from a neurochemical reaction. Finally, caffeine can help to reduce the headache you are experiencing. What is important to note about the caffeine in Matcha organic green tea powder is that it is a lot different to that in coffee. It is released slowly and does not cause jitters, as coffee does. With coffee you are likely to experience a sudden spike in energy and then a crash; you won’t encounter this with Matcha. 

Another benefit associated with Matcha powder is that it helps to protect your liver. We all know that alcohol can damage the liver, yet the antioxidants found in Matcha helps to reduce the negative side effects. Alcohol releases free radicals into the body, and the antioxidants in Matcha will go to work on them, cleaning out all of the toxins in your liver. In fact, a lot of researchers advise that green tea is used to treat liver diseases and, therefore, there has been a lot of research into this. So, how should you consume Matcha after a night out? Well, this is entirely up to you. A nice cup of Matcha brewed tea is the easiest and often most enjoyable way to go. If you can’t handle the thought of consuming an entire drink, blend a spoonful of Matcha with a small amount of water and drink it as you would medicine. Of course, this isn’t as enjoyable, but needs must! The best way to have Matcha when you are hung-over is with coconut water, as this will help to hydrate the body, which is key to getting rid of any hangover. 

So, next time you have a few too many drinks and you wake up feeling like someone is stomping on your head, find it within yourself to make it to the kitchen and prepare a nice drink using Matcha organic green tea powder. You will thank yourself afterwards.