As technology leads to more advancements, the number of ways in which people become aware of their physical health, and how they can improve them, increases. Breakthroughs in the medical field allow us to bounce back from life-threatening illnesses and more in-depth knowledge of our bodies will enable us to stay healthy and fit as we grow older.

While technology has always played a massive role in improving our physical and mental health, recent advancements in medicine have made lives better for millions of people. Regardless of whether you’re battling a serious medical issue or simply want to become more healthy, here’s how technology can help you become more healthy and fit:

Availability of Mobile Apps

Just a decade ago, you wouldn’t have imagined there’d be apps for the medical and fitness field. Today, there are countless apps for Android and iPhone users, both, that can help you target any problem you’re facing. The Google Playstore and Apple App store have many apps that can help you stay on top of your health. The variety of apps available includes diet tracking apps, workout apps, calorie counting apps, fitness apps, and even apps that can help women keep track of their menstrual and ovulation cycles.

As technology develops even further, these apps will also be able to track health stats such as your heart rate and your sugar and cholesterol levels. Apart from this, there are health apps available that simply help you stay healthy by promoting healthy habits and activities. In fact, research suggests that the usage of health and fitness apps grew by 330 percent from 2014 to 2017. Additionally, the rise in mHealth, which educates people about preventive services, has added to how technology can help you improve your health.

Creation of Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers work in combination with mobile apps to track your activity levels and lifestyle, allowing you to accumulate data on your health. These trackers can also help you customize your short and long-term goals and give you reminders on to achieve those goals. Many fitness trackers are also equipped with the technology to track your heart rate, allowing you to keep your heart in check before something serious happens. You can also set reminders for your medicine schedule and track your sleep to improve your sleep pattern.

There is a wide range of fitness trackers available. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Fitbit: Perhaps the most popular brand, Fitbit, offers a massive range of fitness trackers with different features, price ranges, and colours.
  • Runtastic: As an all-in-one, health and fitness tracker, Runtastic even offers waterproof options.
  • Garmin: Garmin offers a wide variety of trackers, helping you meet your needs.

 To decide which tracker would work best for your needs, you can check out cardiocritic to check out the best options.

Setting Up Smart Home Gyms

Ever since COVID-19 swept the world by storm, millions of people lost their local gym memberships. This forced nearly everyone to look into building a home gym. Those that wanted to keep working out, needed to find a way to do so, and setting up your smart home gym is the perfect plan. According to ACE Certified Personal Trainer Alex Smith, owner of Fitness Training Star – website, setting up your home gym can be as easy as buying an all-in-one smart home gym. Yes, the investment may look big, but it usually ends up saving his clients thousands of dollars in the long run.

Accessibility to Telemedicine

Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to go to the doctor. This lack of time could be due to multiple reasons; the commute could be too much, you’re too sick to go, or simply because you require too many visits. In such cases, Telehealth has proven to be quite beneficial, offering patients the ability to communicate with their doctors via email, phone, or live video. Additionally, there are also tools available that allow patients to send messages, share their lab results, maintain records, and set up appointments.

Today, digital communication eliminates the need for patients to visit the doctor every time something happens, decreasing travel and healthcare costs substantially. Since everything is wireless, doctors can access records and make a diagnosis and give advice based on the patient’s easily-accessible medical history. While Telehealth does not eliminate the need for in-person appointments when absolutely necessary, it does eliminate many communication barriers between a doctor and his or her patients.

Increasing Awareness of Our Health

What technology has undoubtedly done is to increase awareness about how our bodies operate. Today, something minor prompts a search on Google. The availability of countless medical knowledge has allowed us to be more aware of what’s good for our bodies and what isn’t. Not only can you find remedies to ease your menstrual pains, but you can also find out how many calories there are in the pizza you just ate.

Technology also keeps you in the loop regarding any diseases or viruses going around and helps you keep yourself and your loved ones safe from them. The knowledge you acquire can easily be shared with other people, hence creating a community of people who are aware of their health and know how to avoid habits that are detrimental.

Building Online Communities

An essential part of staying fit and healthy is to continue to stay motivated. Technology has substantially improved the way we communicate with others, and this extends to the creation of online communities that focus on health.

Whether it’s something you’re going through mentally or you’re struggling to lose weight, you can connect with others who are going through the same thing and share your story with them. For instance, expectant mothers can seek advice and tips from other pregnant women or even women who have recently given birth. Additionally, you can follow a fitness blogger for new tips every day and share your own posts to help others struggling with the same issues.

Technology has succeeded in creating online communities that sometimes prove to be a better support system than the people around you.

 Where health and fitness are concerned, there’s no doubt that technology has changed everything for the better and allowed us to lead a more healthy and happy life. Today, due to the plethora of functions it performs, we can continually improve our physical and mental health.

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