People usually get embarrassed talking about gas issues or bloating to family, friends, and healthcare workers. According to reports, 10 to 20 percent of adults usually report belching, flatulence, and other digestive complaints. Gas or bloating does not automatically imply that you have a digestive disorder, but using detox tea is one way to minimize gas or bloating.

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Learn more about the benefits of using detox tea for bloating by reading below.

Eliminates Gas

The processes involved in expelling gas out of the body include burping, flatulence, and abdominal bloating. Swallowed air goes to the stomach and stays there for some time, causing the bloated feeling. The air is trapped in the small intestine or colon, and it is released by belching and flatulence.

Intestinal gas consists of carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and methane. Gas is caused by different factors, such as bacterial fermentation from certain foods, especially carbohydrates. Beans contain “raffinose,” an indigestible carbohydrate that causes gas production. Bad eating behaviors also cause it.

Here are some examples of food choices that can lead to a bloated feeling:

  • Apple or prune juice
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Broccoli, cabbage, onions
  • Spicy, fried or fatty foods
  • Beans
  • Dried fruits
  • Certain medications (for colds)
  • Anything containing sorbitol, maltitol, or mannitol found in many sugar-free or low-carb foods

Non-Evasive Detox Cleansing

You might be a little skeptical about trying detox tea, but it’s a great way to cleanse your digestive system naturally. You’ll notice the significant reduction in bloating, and you’ll feel that the detox tea or kidney cleansing teas can help clean out your body. Detox tea, like Total Tea, eliminates the feeling of gas inside your tummy.

Here are some examples of detox tea variants and their ingredients:

  • Ginger Tea: It contains gingerol, which is a powerful compound with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps relieve bloating and nausea.
  • Peppermint Tea: It can help relax the gastrointestinal system, decreasing bloating indigestion.
  • Dandelion Root Tea: It has a diuretic effect that can increase urine production to help relieve bloating.
  • Fennel Tea: It helps dissipate gas out of the colon and small intestines. Also, it helps your gallbladder in producing more bile, which is crucial for fat to break down.
  • Chamomile Tea: Chamomile soothes a bloated stomach and helps people with gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Organic Ingredients in Most Detox Tea: Holy Basil or Tulsi, Spearmint, Rose Hips, Linden Blossom, Lemon Myrtle, Linden Blossom. These ingredients have varying health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and antioxidant properties.

Eliminates Toxins from Your Body

As early as two weeks, you’ll feel that your body is more relaxed because extra toxins are released in your system. Just make sure to observe healthy eating behaviors while drinking detox tea to be effective. Avoid an unhealthy lifestyle to boost the cleansing ability of detox tea.

Here are some examples of behaviors that can cause bloating:

  • Overloading your stomach
  • Talking while eating
  • Not chewing the food properly
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Eating when upset or stressed
  • Using a straw
  • Drinking from a sports bottle
  • Deep sighing
  • Wearing tight-fitting garments

Aids In Weight Loss

Detox tea keeps you full, which helps you attain your weight-loss goals. You’ll observe that you feel less hungry and drink more water after taking detox tea. You can drink green tea to make you feel less bloated. Along with detox tea, you can use diet and nutrition apps in wearables to help you lose weight.

Get healthy eating tips and track your health using wearables, like smartwatches. Health trackers are programmed to calculate your calorie intake. Many of these wearables have an added feature, like nutritional food chart displays, so you can gauge your daily diet habits.

Promotes Proper Sleep and Relaxation

Drink detox tea before you go to bed to help you relax and sleep. You can ice your detox tea without adding sugar for a refreshing feel. You’ll find detox tea variants that almost taste tropical, perfect for summer.

While sleeping, the body undergoes cellular and tissue repair, and detox tea can help enhance this process because of its antioxidant effects. It’s so nice to wake up early in the morning and drink a cup of tea to eliminate produced toxins and byproducts as a result of this body process.

Reduces Stress

A stressful and hectic day at the school or office makes people crave for carbs like cookies, chocolates, ice cream, and pizza. However, eating a lot of refined sugars may cause bloating. Consuming these types of food tend to make you a little nauseous and incredibly bloated.

Drinking detox tea instead of munching carbs is better and will keep you full, happy, and relaxed. It helps alleviate the too-full or overindulged bloated feeling. Sipping on an ice-cold or hot cup of tea can bring calmness and let you experience a guilt-free feeling.


Bloating is caused by trapped air inside the stomach. Detox tea can help change the status of air or gas, easily eliminating it from your body. Aside from gas, it helps get rid of the body’s harmful toxins causing stress or bad moods. You’ll feel more relaxed, comfortable, and happy drinking detox tea as it has plenty of health benefits, most especially to the digestive system.


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