Beauty standards have changed all over the world. Women of all countries want to look good by opting to have fuller lips, whiter teeth, bigger breasts, the perfect nose, a flawless face, or younger skin. Whether you like cosmetic enhancements or not, the fact is that many people travel across the globe to get these makeovers. Here are common places where people usually get enhancements done:


The use of cosmetic enhancements has been found to increase in Australia with its rising population. Although surgical enhancements are not that popular in the place, non-invasive cosmetic procedures are favored by many women. For example, the great Botox options in Melbourne with VCI are very popular among women who want to get rid of their wrinkles.

Technology has come a long way when it comes to making the face look younger and wrinkle-free. Aside from creams and supplements that provide preventative measures for wrinkles, today you can also enjoy minimally-invasive cosmetic enhancements that provide immediate results without much downtime. For qualified patients, surgical facelifts are also available in modern enhancement clinics.

Another popular cosmetic enhancement procedure among men and women in Australia is teeth whitening by clinics such as Putney Dental.


This place is probably the most popular destination for cosmetic surgeries, where the girls are usually given gifts in the form of breast augmentation and the like. Cosmetic clinics in Brazil offer treatment and privacy without judgment from the people around. Although plastic surgical enhancements are common in Brazil, it’s recommended to check with your health professional first before undergoing cosmetic surgery.


Today, plastic surgeries in China are done in modern and licensed clinics and their prices have soared even higher than in Western countries. The demand for cosmetic surgery in this country is high among its large population. Many people have double eyelid surgery, higher cheekbones, bigger eyes, jaw reshaping, cheekbone reshaping, and nose jobs done in China. If you’re planning to have plastic surgery done in China, be aware of illegal clinics that lure you with their very cheap prices.


Cosmetic surgery is also popular in Hawaii. The most common procedures done here include eyelid surgery. Some people think that their eyes are not big enough and they want to create an additional lid, while others may want loose skin removed from their eyelid. Eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing is also very popular in Hawaii.


Despite being covered up in clothes, Iranian women are known for their desire to achieve a “doll face.” Iranian cosmetic clinics are usually visited by many people around the globe, and many of these visitors from the Middle East usually go to have a forehead lift, a nose job, or a tummy tuck. Many of these patients also include men who are aiming to look thinner and younger.


Medical tourism has improved in Poland mainly because of Poland’s access to Europe. There is already a greater number of budget airlines flying to this place and the cost of cosmetic surgery procedures here are considerably cheap. Thus, Europeans are hopping over to Poland to get some touch-ups done.

South Africa

If you’re planning to visit the safaris and have your cosmetic enhancements done, then South Africa is your place. Many luxury medical clinics in this place provide plastic surgery procedures followed by wildlife exploration, as well as wine tours. Cheek augmentation and dental procedures are some of the most popular procedures in South Africa.

South Korea

Plastic surgery is so common in South Korea that it’s difficult to tell which of them hasn’t had one. The place is also known for cosmetic surgery makeovers that are almost unrecognizable. In the last ten years, South Korea is considered the center of plastic surgery in Asia. Some of their procedures including jaw contouring, jaw shaving, arm surgery, thigh enhancements, and rhinoplasty or a nose job.


Whether patients want to have reconstructive surgery after an accident or just want to look younger and sexier, a lot of them are going to Switzerland to have their cosmetic enhancements done. The emphasis on medical tourism in this place is that Swiss doctors focus on discretion and art. The doctors here consider their work on their patients as art so that they don’t look too obvious. It is also part of the Swiss culture to respect and pay careful attention to their patient’s needs.


The place is well-known for its transgender cosmetic surgeries. The popular surgical enhancements in Thailand include Adam’s apple shaving, breast implants, and cheek implants. Because of the lower cost of cosmetic surgery in Thailand, it’s being visited by many travelers seeking plastic surgery.

Final Thoughts

Despite the adage that “real beauty cannot be seen by the eyes,” men and women today are compelled to look their best. Because of this, cosmetic enhancements are getting more popular all over the world today. In fact, many countries are well-known for the plastic surgery options they offer. Whatever procedure you’re planning to get into, it’s crucial that you consult your medical professional first before undergoing one to ensure your safety.

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