The latest technological advancements have radically enhanced and refined aesthetic treatment for skin. The emergence of non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as laser and light based technologies, which have offered significant benefits to skin-rejuvenation therapies, is notable. New laser resurfacing methods for skin rejuvenation present considerable benefits compared to conventional ablative lasers like CO(2) and erbiumYAG laser systems.

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Combining Technologies

Non-ablative and fractional lasers, although not as effective as ablative therapies, are correlated with significantly reduced complication rates and shortened recovery times, as with other non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Ultramodern devices combining ablative and fractional technologies have also surfaced, demonstrating noteworthy results. It’s important to note that most popular treatments today include those that are cost-effective, with long-lasting results, little to no down-time and are minimally invasive. The latest developments in medical technology make it easier to address beauty worries like wrinkles, acne scars and sun damage, as well as stubborn fat, without patients needing to go under the knife.

 The Domination Of Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

There are both surgical and non-surgical approaches for any given aesthetic concern. The desire to preserve a youthful appearance by any means of cosmetic treatment has proven the aesthetic industry to be one of the most profitable. People with mature skin, specifically those in their forties and above, often opt for a non-surgical approach, since the remedy does not involve any incision on the skin. The two types of non-surgical aesthetic procedures are either minimally invasive or non-invasive. Cosmetic minimally invasive procedures have gained monumental popularity over the last decade. The drawback with this type of method is that it has to be repeated over a period of time for care and maintenance because of its short-lived effects.

 No-Knife Aesthetic Remedies

There are many permanent and semi-permanent non-invasive options available for those who don’t want to undergo invasive surgery. The most popular and go-to alternatives to surgery involve injectables like botulinum toxin (BOTOX), dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers and therapeutic options for the treatment of scars and wrinkles, followed by energy–based devices such as laser treatments (for skin tightening, skin resurfacing and hair removal), radio frequency and intense pulsed light (IPL). Cosmeceuticals include skin care, eye care, skin lightening and scar care products. These procedures have zero recovery period, no incision or stitches, and therefore no scar, no hospitalization, and minimal risk of complication. It also costs significantly less than surgical options.

It’s exciting to see what an impact non-surgical cosmetic treatments like injectables, energy-based devices and cosmeceuticals can have on an individual. As with any treatment, though, a great deal of meticulous research and caution are required to sort through all of the new and state-of-the art technology that is marketed aggressively to aesthetic professionals, in order to find the safest and most effective procedures.

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