The demand for personal training is increasing. People want to achieve specific health and fitness goals, and a helping hand can be necessary to do it. But with growing demand comes an increase in personal trainers, which can mean that you’re faced with a lot of competition.

How do you get one over the competition? Get smart. Here are some smart ways you can expand your PT business.

Get some influencers on board

Health and fitness is a popular topic, which means influencers are all over it. If you can source some local influencers in your area and partner with them to promote your training sessions, then you can generate some excellent buzz around your business. There are many benefits of working with influencers to consider to help you increase your business locally.

Review your pricing and payments

When faced with a lot of competition, it’s important to remain competitive with your pricing. While your prices might be higher due to experience, the new kids on the block could easily poach your clients with lower prices. Take a look at your prices to try and keep them in line with what’s normal for your local area. Special offers and promotions are great for tempting old clients back and enticing new ones. 

You should also consider offering different payment options. A credit card terminal is great to let people pay by card and make things more flexible. You can also sell groups of sessions upfront or group sessions to appeal to different types of clients. 

Take your business online

While personal training is becoming more popular.l, people also want to benefit from flexible options when it comes to their fitness routines. It’s easy to take your business online, offering tailored workout plans, instruction videos, recipes and more. Start by developing a modern, fresh website that will appeal to those who enjoy lifestyle-related content. 

As well as a website, you can grow your following by making the most of social media. An Instagram account is a must if you work in the fitness sector, and there are different types of content you can create including stories, videos, motivational graphics and more. Growing your Instagram account can take time, but it’s worth it to help expand your PT business.

Be reliable

While you can come up with clever marketing strategies, fair pricing and offer additional services, nothing compares to a reliable, effective service. Providing excellent customer service is a basic requirement, and the service you offer can make a real difference to someone’s life. Be reliable, on-time and professional – it will pay off with your clients and word of mouth will soon spread. 

As well as being reliable, you need to be knowledgeable to your clients. From understanding how protein can boost a workout to advising on muscle soreness, you’ll develop greater trust from your clients if you can provide them with valuable knowledge and insights.

Running your own PT business can be a profitable and rewarding venture, but it requires a lot of work. If you’re serious about expanding your business, then you need to come up with some smarter methods that will help keep your business profitable now and in the long-term. Working in personal training can help improve the lives of others, so keep going and help your business to grow.

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