The world may be full of wonders, but no wonder in this world even compares to medicine. If we stop and look back not even 30 years, medicine has come so far. 

Medicine has, in fact, over the last ten years, taken steps that we never thought possible. Below are just some of the incredible feats medicine has reached and just what they could mean for future generations.

Synthetic Replacements

One of the most miraculous developments in medicine has been the ability to synthesize replacement factors of the human body. 

Since the innovation that has been 3D printing, this has taken a whole new level. We have seen the replacements of knees, hips, and even a synthetic jaw. This printing has been made possible by combining base materials such as Gypsum, ceramic, titanium, and many others. Doing this creates a lightweight and durable structure that stands the test of time.

When it comes to synthetics, medicine has not stopped with joints. The medical world is now able to synthesize blood. Researchers initially harvested hemoglobin from a strain of E.coli. There are now many ways to synthesize the blood, but the most promising lies in the production of synthetic blood produced from stem cells.

Cardiology Advances

Cardiology advances over the last five years have been so substantial, and it has given the medical world a lot of hope. 

One of the most significant discoveries has been the Hart CAD blood test. The test itself has got an incredible success rate and has shown its ability to diagnose coronary obstruction more than proficiently. Pairing this with the successful testing of the Hart PAD for diabetic patients, heart disease blood tests are showing a lot of promise.

Cardiology has also seen a recent injection of success with Medical Devices, especially in treatments for bifurcation disease. All in all cardiac centers across the world are slowly starting to benefit from the incredible advances available to them.

Virtual Reality

Of course, VR has been around for quite a while. Only recently has it seen its introduction to the medical world.

Virtual reality has firmly taken its seat in the world of medicine. So just how does virtual reality fit? Well, medical students the world over have taken to using VR to practice complex procedures. Students on occasion are even faced with kobayashi maru like situations, helping them succeed in difficult scenarios.

VR has of late also been made available to patients. It is given to patients in preparation for long procedures and also to aid as part of long term rehabilitation programs. 

As you can see, in the world of medicine, there have been some amazing breakthroughs. What once was a work where HIV was a death sentence, is now a world of hope. When it comes to medical advances, who knows what the world of tomorrow has to offer. 

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