Thanks to technological advances, a lot of wound care innovations help protect wounds from infections. For instance, some bandages are made from minerals from crustacean crabs known as chitosan. It can kill bacteria since it contains powerful antimicrobial agents aside from helping the wound heal faster. Its fibers can serve as wound dressings because of its strong healing capability.

Because of innovations and developments in the medical industry, getting your wounds protected from external factors is now made easier. Before, you need to be more careful when letting your wounds heal fully. Sometimes, you are not even allowed to take a bath to avoid infecting your wounds. But now, waterproof medical wraps can help you heal without limiting your regular routines. Here are ways how a waterproof medical wrap can help your wounds:

Moist Healing Environment

Whether you’ve got yourself an abrasion, graze, or a cut, having a medical wrap that’s waterproof and transparent can help. Instead of using dry air to heal a wound of any type, one of the best alternatives is letting it heal under a moist wound condition.

Using a waterproof medical wrap allows your wound to heal two times faster as it’s in a moist healing environment. It also decreases your chances to have scabs or scars. Here’s why a moist healing condition increases your wound’s recovery time:

  • New cells need to form when renewing new skin tissue. Thus, it needs a moist condition as they grow faster in it.
  • Repairing your skin by closing the wound requires essential proteins that a moist healing condition can provide.
  • Your skin also needs new cell migration and growth to heal your wound, which a moist healing condition promotes. When wounds are using dry air, the skin will have a hard time forming new skin tissues. As a result, you will find yourself having scabs.

Most waterproof medical wraps are skin-friendly because they are free of animal-derived substances, preservatives, colorants, and fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, using these types of waterproof medical wraps help you maintain your flawless skin.

Protects Wounds from Infection

When you’re wounded, whether severe or not, you have to take good care of it against infections. When you let your wounds get infected, its healing process decreases. Tissue damage and inflammation are some of the side effects of wound infections. In worse cases, you might need further medical treatment when it becomes more severe due to lack of treatment. Moreover, a waterproof PICC line cover may help prevent infecting the wound brought about by IV insertion, so you can shower even with an IV.

When in doubt, look out for these signs that your wound might be infected:

  • Increased Pain – Although it’s normal to feel pain in wounded areas, feeling a heightened pain, especially for small wounds, is alarming.
  • Induration – Inflammation associated with sclerosis.
  • Edema – Excess fluid from swelling of your tissues.
  • Erythema – Redness around a wound is normal. However, redness spreading from the wound area may be a sign of wound infection.
  • Fever – Although some wounds when treated can cause fever, it should not be more than 101 degrees. Thus, having a high fever may be a sign that your wound is infected.

To avoid wound infections, you need to clean it properly and stay hydrated and healthy. With the help of waterproof bandages like SealSkin Medical Wrap, you can protect your wound from any infectious environment.

Protects Wounds From Further Trauma

As mentioned, wound dressings help your wounds heal faster. However, repeatedly changing skin adhesive dressings can cause an adverse effect. Your wound may experience further trauma or an erythematous reaction. A lot of people don’t know this side effect, thus the market for advanced wound management is increasing due to the demand for better healthcare products.

This is how repeated removal of dressings can affect the wound or skin tissues:

  • Some superficial stratum corneum is also removed together with the removal of dressings.
  • When done regularly, skin-stripping or exogenous damage occurs. When skin-stripping occurs, it can cause soreness, edema, and inflammation that can negatively affect the function of skin barriers.
  • When the skin is in a lot of trauma, the pain increases, which is caused by the removal of dressings.

Use waterproof medical wraps can help you avoid trauma or skin strippings. Changing the wound dressing usually occurs when it gets wet after taking a bath or such. Thus, using a waterproof medical wrap allows you to get wet without worrying about changing your wound dressing.

Especially when you have large wounds, using a waterproof medical wrap helps you get into the water without the hassle of getting your injury wet. As a result, your wound will be left undisturbed for a faster healing process.


When injured, your wound can give you discomfort and may make you immobile for a while. But if you want to continue doing your day-to-day activities without infecting your wound, then consider using a waterproof medical wrap. As long as your wound’s dressing does not need to be regularly changed, you are likely to heal faster. Not taking good care of your wound may only prolong your suffering.

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