Good nutrition is basically a balanced diet that is the availability of the right nutrients in the right amount to the body. Recently, the awareness of nutrition is increasing, but still, it is not sufficient enough. There are many campaigns and nutritional camps designed in hospitals to make people aware of the influence health and educate about their health and nutrition.

There are people who remain conscious of their health and weight. They can find help with an estimated energy requirement calculator. The EER calculator is available online that you can use in order freely to find your estimated energy requirement. The estimated energy requirement depends on the age, gender, height, and weight of the person. The physical activity and stress level also have a role in this. Firstly, a person must know that what is good nutrition? Good nutrition includes:


A major portion of the calories come from the cereals that are carbohydrates. The cereals also have fiber and some vitamins, minerals in them. The carbohydrates are the main body fuel that provides energy to the brain and whole body organs. The carbohydrate deficiency can lead the human body to early fatigue, loss of energy, dizziness, etc.


The human muscles are made of protein. The protein is necessary for healing the regular body’s wear and tear. If you get an injury or trauma, the high protein is needed in the diet to make it heal soon. For developing the lean mass of the body proteins required. In the early ages of a child, the child needs high carbohydrate and high protein for development and growth.


Fat is an essential macronutrient that is required for the body’s functionality. If you thoroughly cut off the fat, then our body will go in the starving condition, and cell formation becomes paired as the cell membrane needs fat to build.

Vitamin and Minerals:

The vitamins and minerals are micronutrients, but they support the macronutrients to work in the body.


Water is a miraculous fluid that needs to be taken in the recommended amount to keep the body hydrated. The 7% water loss can collapse the body and cause cardiovascular failure.

The Benefits of Good Nutrition:

Following are the benefits of good nutrition on our body and life:

Hydrated and Glowing Skin:

If you are taking your enough vitamins, minerals and fluid intake according to your requirement, then the cells remain hydrated. This can be seen easily by the glow and freshness of the skin. The dehydrated skin seems to be dry and loose. dehydrated skin is more prone to early ageing.

Reduces The Risk of Infections:

If you are getting good nutrition, your immunity will be enhanced. The risks of the infections reduce to a much lower level by the regular intake of antioxidants, omega 3 in the recommended amounts.

Reduces The Risk of Chronic Diseases:

The nutrition level in the early times of life (pregnancy and first 2 years) have a very significant role in determining later life of the child. The optimal nutrition status at that time period reduces the chances of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes in the late-life that is very frequent after 40 years of life.

Strengthens The Heart and Circulatory System:

One of the great benefits of having optimal nutrition is the strengthening of the heart and circulatory system. It benefits in many manners. The improved oxygen-carrying capacity of the body enhances the blood flow to all the organs and periphery that ensures the proper availability of the nutrients and their bioavailability.

Optimal Bone Density:

The regular consumption of nutrients like calcium, protein, fluoride and vitamin D enhances bone mineralization. A higher level of phosphate has a degenerative effect on the bones. That’s why it is suggested to limit the intake of soda bottles. These are very harmful, and their use can lead to bone degeneration and muscle aches.

Higher IQ Level:

Omega 3 is a very important nutrient to maintain and improve the brain’s functionality. Children who are nutrient deficient in their early years of life tend to have a lower IQ in their later life. This leads to lower learning capacity.

Enhanced Quality of Life:

In a nutshell, good nutrition enhances the quality of life. All these factors lead up to a healthy and prosperous life. The healthy mind runs the body in a healthy way and prevents negative vibes as well.