Digital transformation in wellness refers to everyone’s physical and psycho-social well-being in this world filled with technology. The frequency of using technology is ever-increasing, particularly in our personal lives, health, and wellness, and these areas need to be addressed in order for everyone to have a well-balanced and healthy life. However, there is a rising concern that people are slowly becoming addicted to the Internet, and it is of utmost importance to use technologies in order to strike a perfect balance within people, their relationships and wellness. That is why there is a rise in apps for smartphones that target your health and help you keep track of it. Not only that, but most of those apps are there to support your diet, exercising, etc. and motivate you to stay healthy.

Apps Motivate You To Exercise More

In this digital age, people often love to go offline whenever possible and enjoy some mindfulness. And there isn’t the best way to relieve some stress and take a look at the inner you than with yoga. However, since our phones are constantly buzzing and sometimes we can’t just turn them off because of our work families and friends, we can simply use them to work for us. Thus, we have dozens of apps that will help you do some yoga or any other exercises. For example, if you’d like to do yoga and keep track of your progress and make sure you’ve done your daily exercise, you can simply rely on apps such as Daily Yoga, Gaia, Glo, and many others.

Apps Help Us Become More Mindful

Stress levels are high and we are constantly rushing from point A to point B missing out on so many things. However, if you’d like to become more mindful and help yourself relax on a daily basis, then you should use apps such as Headspace. This app will help you work out your brain a little and all you have to do is turn it on and listen in and clear your mind for ten minutes. This will potentially help you calm down, relieve stress, become more alert and expand your attention span.

Apps Aid in Losing Weight

There are people who would love to get rid of those extra pounds, either for the sake of their health or their looks. Either way, this can often be tough if you don’t get some help and something that will motivate you to stay healthy, eat healthily and exercise in order to lose weight. This is especially tough in this digital age, but there is a benefit to that. There are numerous apps developed to help people become better versions of themselves. For example, the weight-loss app Noom can work wonders in motivating you and helping you keep track of your progress. Also, there is an 8fit app that also uses a healthy approach to your diet and fitness that will lead to positive results.

Apps Help Us Get Enough Sleep

There are hundreds of us that struggle at night and can’t fall asleep. And even if you can fall asleep you might feel that the quality of your sleep is low and you are constantly sleep-deprived. Getting enough sleep is really important if we want our bodies and minds to stay healthy. During the night, our bodies regenerate, and our minds healthily process all the information that went through your head during the day. However, we are still struggling and thus making some dents in our overall wellness. That is why technology decided to help and offer us apps that can help us take better care of our sleep cycles. For example, there is an app called Sleep Cycle which will track your sleep cycle during the night by analyzing your movements and sounds. Also, it will wake you up when you are at the lightest phase of your sleep, which will result in less grumpiness and grogginess after getting out of bed.

Apps Will Help You Get Rid of Bad Habits

Probably the worst habit that many of us want to get rid of is smoking. Smoking is really bad for our entire bodies and it is an addiction. Cigarettes do damage to our lungs, fingers, skin and they are polluting the environment and endangering the people around us. Once again, technology decided to step in and provide help and motivation to those who decided to give up smoking and become healthier. Among many others, there is an app called Smoke Free and record your progress. Also, you can keep track of your cravings and the app will help you deter from lighting up. What is more, you get to keep track of the money you saved by giving up the cigarettes which later you can use to improve your health even more through healthy food and gym membership.

Many of us may think that technology is becoming bad for us, but if you use it in a smart way, you will see how helpful it can be. There is an array of different apps that can help you become healthier and work on your wellbeing. You just need to be persistent and you will be a better version of yourself in no time.

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