History has shown that cannabis has been a part of human culture since prehistory, as far back as 6000 B.C. Regarding cannabis’s medicinal use, the earliest documentation is found in Chinese Pharmacopoeia annals dating back to 2727 B.C.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated the plant, used its fibers for producing various goods, and have consumed it in a variety of ways, whether seeking the high from THC or the calming effects of pure CBD vape juice. Today our methods for using the plant have become even more elaborate.

As many people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers and health risks associated with smoking, and with an alarming spike in vaping related illnesses and death across the U.S., many cannabis users are opting for CBD edibles as a method of delivering cannabis.

Why Choose Edibles? 

When we think of edibles, many people new to the world of cannabis might first think of “pot” brownies or cookies made with marijuana. Now, these products still exist and are definitely on the market, but they provide an entirely different experience than that from edibles made with CBD specifically. This is because CBD doesn’t get you high, whereas edibles made with THC do.

For those with respiratory problems or anyone concerned with the health risks that may come along with using a vape, CBD in edible form is a viable and attractive alternative. You get more of the active chemical CBD when you eat it versus smoking it, which is known to produce a more fulfilling effect.

In addition to mitigating respiratory problems, edibles come in a variety of forms and flavors, which add to the attractive nature of the product.

Benefits of Edibles Containing CBD 

CBD edibles are a great alternative to using those containing THC. With traditional THC-rich edibles, you get the psychoactive, euphoric experience that can last for hours when ingested. With CBD, you achieve a relaxed, calm state and can function without the confusion, paranoia, or anxiety that may accompany THC edibles.

In addition to maintaining awareness and sobriety, edibles made with CBD take longer to produce the desired effect. This is because, due to ingesting it, the active chemical must be broken down slowly within the digestive system before it is delivered into the bloodstream. Correspondingly, the effects of the CBD last much longer than when you smoke it.

Additional benefits of edibles made with CBD include a long-lasting, full-body effect and ease of dosage, as the dose is typically clearly labeled on the package as required by law.

Choosing Your Edibles

Once you’re ready to check out the market, you’ll notice that you might have an overwhelming selection of edibles to choose from.

Edibles made with CBD are made in the same form as with its psychoactive cousin, THC. You can find gummies, hard candy, powder, pre-made snacks such as crackers, wafers, chocolate bars, cookies, and much more. The variety is simply up to the innovation of the manufacturer.

One specific attribute that you should pay attention to is the labeled dosage of the edible. Some are incredibly high, containing between 25 and 90mg of CBD, while others are a low dose of less than 5mg.

For new users, it’s best, to begin with, low dose edibles and allow the CBD to take effect before ingesting more. From there, you can up your dosage until you reach the desired result.