Knowing what to do when you suffer an ankle sprain is vital if you want to recover quickly. From the basics of ankle care till learning how to wrap ankle for relief, there are specific actions you can take to heal. Whether you’re an athlete or not, there’ll likely be a  time when you’ll suffer a tear or sprain in your ankle ligament. Even if athletes and sportspeople are at a higher risk of developing the condition, it can happen to just about anybody. A simple inward roll of the foot can lead to an ankle sprain, and the onset of pain can be hard to deal with.

Your ankle will need some time to heal by itself completely, which means you’ve got to be patient. But there are actions and strategies to apply if you want to speed up the recovery process. Applying the right treatment can help to restore your ankle and reduce the complications of injuries that could arise in the future. Remember that taking quick action is vital, so here’s what to do if you suffer an ankle sprain:


Lie or sit to relieve your ankle of some of that intense pressure. Try to avoid doing anything that could worsen your injury or increase the level of pain that you feel. Whatever you do at this point should be about keeping the affected area secure.


When you sprain your ankle, try not to move around or walk too often. If you’ve got no choice but to move around, it is recommended that you get a cane. Another idea would be to get some crutches. Limit how often you have to use the injured area while giving the natural healing properties of your body sufficient time to perform their duties.


This is the next line of action for patients before thinking about how to wrap ankle for relief. Put some corn or peas inside a bag get it frozen. Then, go on to apply the bag to your tender ankle. This is the best way to make sure that the bag wraps your leg well enough. You can do this for 20 minutes at different intervals to avoid damaging vital tissue. The application can be made anywhere from 3 to 5 times daily immediately after the incident is ideal.


Next, in your recovery journey, you need to figure out how to wrap ankle for relief. At this point, compression is a very important component. It involves applying pressure to the affected area, as well as other surrounding points near your injury. This helps to ensure that there is enough pressure to supply the right level of compression. If you wrap your ankle so hard that it starts to feel too tight, you risk cutting off blood circulation to the affected area. So, just loosen the compression material a bit. Compression remains a great way to relieve swelling.


Make sure your leg or ankle stays elevated most of the time until you heal completely. The reason is that it helps to improve blood circulation while ensuring that the vital points get a good supply of blood to promote healing. You can keep your legs comfortable during elevation by making use of pillows or a soft cushion.

Preventing a sprain in the first place

The best way to care for your ankle is to prevent a sprain from happening in the first place. You can do this by using well-fitted shoes, as well as protective gear and essential tools while taking part in activities that could lead to sprains or injuries. That way, your legs will remain in good condition with a low risk of injuries.