Are you thinking about buying your first property for business in the medical sector? It’s a big move, but getting your business to the next stage is definitely worth it. Whether you’re just looking at it as an office for yourself or for a clinic you’re planning on opening. Or, perhaps your current practice has an increasing team and you need to expand. As you go into this investment, there are a few things worth considering. Here are some tips for buying your first healthcare business property.


The budget is where you need to begin your journey first when you buy any kind of property, let alone one intended for medical purposes. How much can you afford to spend, depending on your company’s current financial situation? Can you get funding? Can you lend the money for the deposit from a government grant? These are all areas you should investigate.

Look at the property market

The property market is one area you need to explore now to make sure it’s the right time to buy a property. You can get an idea of what is being sold or purchased at the moment and whether it’s ideal as a space for your requirements.

Obviously looking for a property that’s suitable for medical use is harder than say, looking for a usual workspace. You’ll need to make sure there’s enough rooms for different clinicians and that the building is safe for your patients to be entering and exiting on a regular basis. Using a commercial property portal can help you find premises well within your budget and location without the headache.


What kind of surgery do you want, and what does your space need? As mentioned earlier, you may need a simple office space to store the patient’s files and other documents. Or, you might need enough space for a waiting room, or even a clinical room to diagnose and treat your patients. Saying that, if it’s a large organisation you’re running, you may need an entire building. If this is the case, investing in a piece of land rather than an already built property to build a building that’s more suitable for the medical industry might be something to consider.

What kind of security do you want at the entrance, and do you need any specifics regarding office decoration and design? There’s a lot to think about and a lot to remember, all of which needs to be done before you start to view properties. You want to have a checklist of requirements and you can compare how many of your requests are made on each visit. 

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Finally, when it comes to your staff, if you have any, you want to consider their needs and needs. If your staff are going to be on long shifts will you need to break rooms? Have you got enough canteens and changing rooms to accommodate the amount of staff you’re bringing with you/plan on hiring.


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